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Summer Playlist!

1) Arctic Monkeys- Do I Wanna Know? 

The first single from the much anticipated 5th album ‘AM’. This song is something that the Monkey’s haven’t done before, making Arctic Monkey enthusiasts everywhere crazy to here ‘AM’. The Arctic Monkeys second single from the album “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” was recently leaked,  leaving us all wanting more. Album is released on 9th September- There’s also a limited edition heavy weight vinyl of the new album is also available to pre-order

2) Peace- Ocean’s Eye

Peace are definitely one of my favourite bands. Ocean’s Eye is from their E.P Delicious and has been one of my favourites since it was released in September last year.  The E.P was followed by their debut album “In Love” – An album perfect for Summer, and the rest of the year in fact. 

3) The Drowners- Long Hair 

I’m not too sure whether it’s how catchy the song is that’s got me listening to it all the time or the Matt Hitt’s face/voice. ‘Long Hair’ is definitely one of those songs that stays in your head after you’ve listened to it. A New York born band that will hopefully be making more music and appearances in the UK in 2014!

4) Haim- Falling 

2013’s cure to the Girlband apocalypse. 2013 has been the year of terrible girl bands taking over with their ‘music’. Haim have however cured that for me. For me, they bring back the nostalgic of the 90’s, a heavy base and a good old corus build up. And the Haim sisters are the coolest trio ever. Love them! 

5) Little Commets- Jennifer 

One of my favourite songs from their ‘Jennifer and Other Short Stories’ E.P! Such a Summery song and I find myself listening to this E.P over and over when the weather brightens up! 

6) The Beach Boys- Surfin’ U.S.A

Could you expect anything more Summery from The Beach Boys. The Beach Boys is all you can hear from the Radio Stations in the Summer as well as blasting from the speakers at family barbecues. The perfect Summer song. 

7) The Smiths- The Boy With A Thorn In His Side 

I find most Smiths’ songs timeless in the Summer- As well as all year round- but I find myself listening to them more in the Summer, especially on train journeys. I’ve recently been listening to this song when on the train and as soon as I get on the train this is the song that my ears automatically want to listen too. Such a classic. 

8) The Courteeners- Acrylic (Acoustic)

This song has recently been thrown back into my life after seeing the band for their Pre Glastonbury gig in Liverpool a few days before they played at Glastonbury festival. Liam did a small acoustic set on his own towards the end of the gig and sang this song acoustically and I’ve been listening to the acoustic version ever since as it’s genuinely amazing!

9) The Cribs- We Share The Same Skies 

Possibly one of my favourite songs by The Cribs and an all year round favourite, however for some reason I’ve been listening to this song an awful lot lately, once again especially when traveling on the train or before I go to sleep. It relaxes me somehow, which I think is a perfect aspect of a song for the Summer months- Or what we have left of it. 


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