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Autumn Haul & YouTube Video!


It’s finally the time of year were the days get shorter and the nights are longer, darker and colder. So recently I’ve been starting to gear myself up for the Autumn/Winter seasons! I thought I’d try something a little, well a lot different than my usual Blog posts. For a while now I’ve been putting off setting up a Vlog Youtube channel with the fear of being judge by others. However, I’ve come to the realisation that if they’re going to waste their lives judging others and making horrible comments, then their lives must be pretty pathetic.

So if you’re genuinely interested on what I’ve bought then you should watch my long awaited first youtube video:

Watch the Autumn Haul here

Also sorry for my lack of blog posts at the moment! Will be making an Autumn lookbook with someone of the items that are included my haul video which should be posted within a week or so! 




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