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Hello October

October has certainly been the month I couldn’t wait to get my grubby hands on. 

1) Arctic Monkeys are playing in Liverpool

2) Jumpers and Autumn attire

3) My Count down to Christmas and my birthday can begin!

I find that dressing appropriately in the early stages of Autumn remarkably hard, mostly because the weather can be deceiving. It will look cloudy and cold but once you step out the door fully dressed for the cold you realise that the weather (in true Chandler Bing style) couldn’t BE anymore summery. 

My one solution to this shadowing problem is to mix Summer clothes with Autumn/Winter clothes. For Example;

Pairing a Winter jumper with a pair of Summery shorts (Wearing tights of course) is a simple way to be prepared for all weather conditions. Wearing a thick jumper will act like a permanent coat and wearing shorts and just a thin pair of tights will allow you to feel less hot and suffocated in these confusing October 

weather conditions

Jumper: Pop Boutique £18 (Some Pop Boutique items are available on ASOS apart from their Vintage collections)

Levi Shorts: Little Red Vintage (Can find these type of shorts in most vintage renewal shops) Usually about £20

Satchel- Primark £9

Boots: Topshop (Last year) However you can get boots like these basically anywhere but these are of a remarkable quality and I have literally worn them to death. New pair needed.

Sorry for just the quick and snappy blog post. Felt like I hadn’t blogged in a while AND my blog reached 1,000 views which is the biggest perk to my slightly abysmal week. So thank you to anyone who visits my blog and I will try my best to Blog as much as possible, even if It’s just random little posts like this. 

Thank you 



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