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Liebster Award

Thank you so much to the lovely Abbey Hickinbotham for the Liebster award for new bloggers! Everyone should go and look at her blog http://whatabbeyloves.blogspot.com 

The Rules

11 facts about yourself

11 questions as specified by the person who nominated you

11 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers tagged to do the Liebster Award

Include the Liebster Award in the blog post

11 facts about myself 

1. As strange as it sounds, I love anything to do with serial killers and suspicious deaths. I have no intention of killing anyone or harming anyone I just find documentaries about them so fascinating. (Promise I’m not a psychopath) 

2. I used to eat pages of Joke Books as a child as I thought they’d make me funnier. 

3. I’m studying a Media Production course which I really love even though I’m a fail when it comes to technology 

4. I collect records. If I’m in a record store and someone is holding the records that I need for my collection I will wait until they hopefully put it down so I can make a swift dive for it.  Sorry not sorry, I’m a vinyl whore

5. I recently started a YouTube channel doing make-up tutorials. They’re probably really bad but I really like making them

6. A lot of my Youtube and Blog posts are about Make-up and beauty even though I prefer Fashion. I just find make-up a lot easier to talk about 

7. In restaurants I take the lemons out of peoples drinks and suck the juice out of them

8. If you have the same music taste as me I will probably be your friend

9. I’m so un-funny that it makes me funny because my jokes are really bad

10. I think Wes Anderson is a genus and I wish i could live in one of his films.

11. Burritos are slices of heaven


Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because my Boyfriends mum told me to. Sounds like a silly reason but I had really wanted to start one for a good few years but I thought people would find it weird, but just one person pushing me to do it and giving me a bit of insight helped a-lot

Why did you choose you blog name? This is probably the hardest question ever as it just popped into my head. However I just wanted something really different and memorable and I thought it worked well

What is your holy grail beauty product? I’m really fickle when it comes to things that I have to use everyday as I change my mind all the time, but at the moment is would have to be the Benefit Porefessional. It’s so amazing and just helps with oiliness and pore visibility so well. 

Who is your favourite fashion designer? I’d have to be really genetic and say Chanel. Not that I’d ever be able to afford any of there clothes I just like looking at it and thinking ‘I want that’ 

What is your favourite perfume? Anna Sui – Secret Wish or Lola by Marc Jacobs. Really pretty light summery scents 

What is your favourite movie? That’s so hard as all I do is watch films. Anything of Wes Anderson’s, Submarine or Quadraphenia. 

What is your favourite book? I wouldn’t say I have a favourite but the book I’m currently reading is “It’s Kind Of a Funny Story” By Ned Vizzini and after that I’m going to read Actors Antonyms by the babe that is James Franco

Who or what inspires you? Music probably inspires me a-lot. But if we’re talking fashion and beauty wise I’d have to say that i like to mix the old with the new. Can’t go wrong with a twist of vintage to an outfit. Audrey Hepburn will always be the goal. When I can afford clothes like her’s then I will truly be happy.

What do you do (or hope to do) for work? I’d love to work for Radio even though I hate the sound of my own voice I’d just love to have sharing music as my job and if not that then I’d love to work on a TV production team and if not that just marry Alex Turner

What is your favourite place in the world? New York or Brighton for so many different reasons

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your 13 year old self? I would tell myself to not get so beat up about how people make you feel and if someone treats you like shit then walk away from them because you’re not the problem 

Your Questions

1) What’s the most money you’ve spent at one time?

2) If you could look like someone else, who would it be? 

3) Have you ever been in love? 

4) Favourite song? 

5) Best Childhood memory? 

6) A beauty product you couldn’t live without? 

7) An item of clothing you couldn’t live without? 

8) Who is your role model? 

9) What’s your live goal/ what inspires you to meet that goal? 

10) Guilty pleasure? 

11) Favourite lipstick / lip product? 












MY 11th nomination is whoever wants to do this with a blog! If you do don’t forget to leave a link to it in the comments down bellow so I can have a look! 


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