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Revlon Matte Balm-ania!

Recently I’ve been really loving the Revlon Matte Balms and every time I visit a Boots or Superdrug I have to restrain myself from buying them all or smearing them all over my hands… and face.

My obsession started back in February whilst in New York. I thought a cheeky visit to Duane Reade was necessary. I’d never seen the Matte balms sold in my local Superdrug so I picked a couple up out of curiosity, considering I thought the U.K didn’t stock them.

After trying them about I instantly fell in love. They’re so easy to use and are definitely less effort that a lipstick. They apply smoothly and bursting with pigment. Even though I’m a complete lipstick freak and collect them like they’re going out of fashion, I’ve been reaching for the Matte balms over my lipsticks 9 times out of 10, simply because how easily they apply to the lips.

I find sometimes with lipsticks, especially red lipsticks, that if they’re not applied perfectly and with time they just don’t look so nice, however the size of the matte balms just make them so easy to apply, especially if you’re in a rush and then it can easily be thrown into your bag and off you go.

Initially I wasn’t into the whole chubby stick movement, like when everyone was obsessed with the Colour Bursts, the crayon look to them just never really appealed to me. I mean I know it’s wrong to judge something by the way it looks but lets admit it, we all do it.

However I think the crayon look and applicator is what makes them so amazing, as well as the formula,  obviously.

There’s quite a lot of these matte chubby sticks on the market, and although I’ve only tried the Revlon Matte balms and can’t really compare them to anything else, I really don’t think I want to use or even try anything else, I’m so in love, even though I only have 3 colours there’s no hesitation in me buying anymore whatsoever. The three colours I have (photographed below) can be worn with almost any make-up look and for any occasion.

My one complaint about the Revlon matte balms is although they apply super creamy, throughout the day they can become slightly drying and flakey, however I only find this to happen with Standout (The Red). However I think dark red lipsticks that are matte tend to have that down side to them, which is why I think the darker shades would work better in the evening when you’re not going to be wearing them for so long, as you will still get the super chic and retro look of a matte red lip without the dryness as it fades throughout the day.

Revlon Matte Balm – Elusive
– A light pink with subtle hints of lilic, perfect for everyday or of an evening with a neutral smokey eye 
Revlon Matte Balm – Audacious
– A Bright coral orange, perfect to brighten up your makeup or outfit for Summer, It’s almost illuminous its so bright 
Revlon Matte Balm – Standout
– A cherry red with burgundy under tones. Perfect for creating a retro pin-up inspired look




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