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4 Step Summer Skin Care

A good skin care routine is crucial all year round, however I think the Summertime is the season that I really hit the routine with a measurable force. I find that my skin becomes a lot more sensitive in the Summer (is that weird?) as well as it feeling grubby at the end of a day of wearing makeup on the occasionally British Summers day. However recently I’ve found some products that my skin has really been appreciating as it attempts to cope with the unpredictable British weather.

Step 1 – Cleanse yo’ self.

I’m definitely one of those girls who opts for a cleansing wipe to take off my makeup as I’m far too lazy to use an actual cleanser. However I’ve recently really been loving the Soap & Glory ‘Peaches and Clean’ cleansing milk (even though it’s nothing like milk) I’d say that this cleanser is definitely more a cream cleanser and it smells exactly like Peaches! If it was safe to eat it, I probably would.
To remove my makeup I simply put a couple of pumps of the cleanser onto a cotton pad and  gently massage it into my face to remove the makeup

Step 2 – Clean yo’ self 

Lately I’ve fallen head over heals in love with the Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena collection. I’ve been wanting to try them for so long, but I’m always really sceptical over daily scrubs etc as I find that they don’t really do anything. However since starting to use the Pink Grapefruit Daily scrub and cream wash after cleansing both day and night, I’ve found that my skin has evened out and it feels and looks a lot cleaner and brighter. So if you’re interested in a decent face wash that doesn’t break the bank, I’d definitely recommend these to products. 

Step 3 – Moisturise yo’ self 

I think it’s hard to recommend someone a moisturiser as everyone has different preferences. However I think no matter what you do, just make sure you moistures during the Summer months. I don’t think theres anything worse than having dry skin on your face when it’s hot and sweaty outside. It just doesn’t make you feel nice or look nice for that matter. I tend to use a more richer moisturiser during the Summer as my skin does dry out pretty quickly. Which is strange considering I have oily skin. The skin will forever continue to confuse me. 

Step 4 – Protect yo’ self

Having fair skin that is also sensitive in the Summer can be an absolute nightmare. It burns and dries up really easily, and I find that using a regular sun lotion on the face just leaves it feeling terribly oily and greasy, which is never a good look. However I’ve recently discovered the Nivea Q10 Plus Range which has an SPF of 30. I put this onto my face about 20 minutes before I apply my makeup, so it has a chance to really soak into my skin. Once the day cream has sunken into my skin, it doesn’t even look like you have anything on under your makeup – Which is amazing. I’d definitely recommend if you have the same issues as me. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fair skin.



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