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Summer Playlist

It’s crazy to think that my 2013 Summer Playlist was the second ever blog post that I published. It’s almost incomprehensible to think back to last year and how I was so nervous about starting a blog, scared that nobody would read it and that the people who did would hate it. Even though I wish I had the time to blog a lot more than I do, I’ve came a long way this year, so this blog post definitely holds a lot of sentiment.

I actually did something interesting last week and went to Malta for a week of sunshine, aka a week of lying in the shade because my pale pasty skin cannot physically cope with such temperatures (PaleProbs). However this was an excuses to put my earphones in and ignore everyone around me as they got tanner and tanner and I just got sleepier and sleepier.

– Bombay Bicycle Club – Ivy & Gold 
Even though Bombay released their new album ‘So Long See You Tomorrow’ earlier this year, I still find my self gravitating towards their older material. Ivy & Gold HAS to be one of my favourite songs of all time. It definitely has that lullaby feeling to it and this song could whimsically lull you to sleep. It’s such a beautiful song that I can only describe as quite ‘Cutesy’ sounding. If you haven’t had a listen then I cannot recommend this enough or explain how truly magical it is. Listen and love and then sleep on a candy floss cloud, that’s what happens..

– The Cribs – Leather Jacket Love-song 
After missing out on the opportunity to go and see The Cribs due to being in Malta, I think I fell into a shallow state of mourning the loss of hearing the live. Leather Jacket Love Song has always been one of my favourite Cribs song. It’s almost the epitome of a Cribs song, if you listen to them it’s exactly what you expect from them, a catchy melody with a strong guitar riff all accompanied by Ryan Jarman’s unique voice.

– Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me 
I have become OBSESSED with Jagwar Ma over the past few months. I’m completely spellbound by their music and just how well they’re music is produced and put together. The song itself is relatively catchy in both lyric and melody, personally I think it has that classically ‘Summery’ feel to it, not sure whether that’s a thing or not but lets just pretend it is for the sake of my dignity. A lot of Jagwar Ma’s music tends to be quite layered and experimental however this is probably one of their more simple songs and I think it really works to their advantage.

– Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool 
Once again this song just has that Summery beachy sound to it that almost pushes my problems out of my head for the duration of the song as I imagine that I’m in a convertible mustang cursing shot gun down a palm tree lined high-way. But no I’m just lying on my bed hopelessly staring at the ceiling. I just absolutely adore Phoenix, and I think if any song can mentally make you feel different or ‘transport’ you to a memory or a daydream, than it’s a pretty good song. (How pretentious did I just sound..)

– Django Django – Life’s A Beach 
The one question that is on my mind is “WHERE ARE DJANGO DJANGO!?” I can only hope that they’re making a new album. Life’s A Beach is once again you’re typical Summer upbeat song with some good guitar and percussion work going on here and there. The guitar riff in the bridge and chorus of the song is significantly beachy sounding, it’s almost as though you expect it to be a modernised Beach Boys track. Worth a listen if you’re in rainy England dreaming of Sunshine and palm trees.

– JAWS – Think Too Much Feel Too Little 
It’s impossible to listen to JAWS and be unhappy or stressed. It’s as though whenever I listen to them my though process comes to a complete halt and I just stare and listen intently, which is proving difficult as I’m listening to it whilst writing this paragraph. It seems that my Summer playlist is fitting in with the typical ‘Summery’ song niche. I just feel like with upbeat music can really change your mood, and I feel like this is one of those songs that does just that, It’s not a lay on your floor and listen to a sad mix tape – Submarine style of course- It give me more of a ‘so what things are shit’ attitude. Once again a very well put together song that is certainly worth a listen.

– The Coral – Dreaming Of You 
Do The Coral really require an explanation? If you haven’t listened to this song in you’re life time then I am terribly disappointed in you. I think the song itself doesn’t have a ‘Summery’ sound it’s just rather upbeat and has a jolly sound to it with the guitar riffs and the chimes, however I think it’s the backing vocals that make me want to include it in my playlist as I just feel as though they give make the song almost endearing, I don’t know whether it’s because the baking vocals are quite Beach Boys-esque as they’re quite lighthearted and mimicry. Once again The Coral don’t need an explanation, just listen.

– Foster The People – Are You What You Want To Be 
Once again Foster The People are the typical band that I find myself gravitating towards during the Summer and a band that has me thinking “WHERE ARE YOU” as I feel as though they haven’t released anything in quite some time now. Are You What You Want To Be has got to be the typical Summer party tune. If you’re standing in the corner at a party looking at everyone else having fun and being drunk (or not being drunk if you’re underage) this song is THE song that is going to pull you out of your corner. The song will physically pick you up and make you bop your head and tap your feet, you quite literally have no choice.

– The Cure – Friday I’m In Love 
It dawned on me the other day whilst sat in my room alone in the middle of the night awkwardly bopping along to The Cure, that you can dance like you’re having a stroke to The Cure and it just works. Friday I’m In Love is such an obvious Cure song for me to choice, I know, but it’s such a classic, it hurts. You just cannot sit still and listen to this song, and if you can then you’re weird. Although Robert Smith is a pretty strange character, you’d be the weird one in the situation, think about it.

Thank you to anyone who was around last year when I made my 2013 Summer Playlist, and to the people that are reading it this year. I don’t usually go all soppy like this but thank you so much! Although in the grand scheme of the blog world I’m probably nothing, but even just getting a few positive comments about my posts and having people ask me when my next post is going to be is just so heart warming and really pushes any blogging doubts that I have about myself out of my head, so thank you so much whoever you are! 





  1. Lindsey Tollefson
    July 20, 2014 / 4:13 AM

    I'm going to have to check these! Thanks for sharing!blousesandblush.com

    • Abigail Whitehead
      July 25, 2014 / 8:50 PM

      No problem! Thanks for reading!

  2. Bess Oates
    July 31, 2014 / 10:10 PM

    I love Friday I'm in Love and Trying to Be Cool, so glad I discovered your youtube channel/blog – I noticed your Beatles posters in your videos and knew right then and there that you were a cool dude, and I'm listening to all the songs in this post right now and very much liking them, good post :)http://bsarahoates.blogspot.co.uk

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