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July Favourites 2014

On the 6th August 2013 I posted my first ever blog post as Abigail Bunny, my 2013 July favourites. It’s completely mind boggling that I’ve been blogging for a year. The past few months have been well and truly a roller coaster and I think my blog has been my own little space that I can turn to when I’m not feeling 100% and turning my over-riding thoughts into something that people can read and enjoy, whether it be me voicing up about something non-beauty/fashion related or just talking about products i’ve been obsessed with. I’d like to start of this post by saying (well typing) a massive THANK YOU to everyone who bothers to read my blog, every read, comment, glance and follow means so much to me and helps me out more than you’d think. So, thank you, very much.

Now, let’s get into the favourites! 

1. TOPSHOP Mom Jeans 

I think I’m way behind on the Mom jeans bandwagon, however considering I’m only 5ft.1″ and naturally slim, the pairs of Mom jeans that I had previously tried on made me look as though I was literally wearing my Mum’s jeans, they just completely swallowed me and where not flattering at all. However I recently stumbled across a Petite pair of Vintage Wash Mom Jeans whilst aimlessly scrolling through the Topshop website. The Petite section at Topshop is such a little treasure at times. These jeans are just so comfortable and flattering, and you don’t have to do the awkward ‘skinny jeans dace’ when trying to put them on, which is always a plus.

2. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

The beauty world has gone almost bonkers for this bronzer.  If you read my previous review on the bronzer then you’ll know just how much I love this product. It’s perfect for creating a natural contour that isn’t too harsh on paler skin tones, obviously it depends on what shade you choose to how natural it appears on your skin, but I can’ recommend  shade 01 enough for us paler folk. It has a really smooth and velvet like consistency that doesn’t look cakey or muddy like some bronzing powders on the market, I’d definitely recommend if you’re on a budget it just generally looking for a good value for money bronzer.

3. Carmex Lip Balm

I’m really not a lip balm or lipgloss kind of girl, I can’t think of anything worse that putting something greasy and glossy onto my lips, and then having the hassle of a gust of wind blowing my hair onto my lips, thus creating a sticky situation. However I also late having dry and chapped lips, especially considering I”m a lipstick addict and lipstick does not look attractive when applied to dry lips. I’ve used Carmex in the past however I had the cherry Carmex that was in the tube and I just thought it was a little too greasy to moisturise the lips the way I wanted it to. I recently started using the Camrex lip balm pot whilst on holiday and I just couldn’t get enough of it,  my lips remained full of moisture whilst in the sun. Carmex is the way forward…lip care wise anyway.

4. Orange is the New Black

Yes, once again I am so late on the Orange is the New Black bandwagon, just like how I am with most TV series. I initially thought I’d dislike the series, however it’s definitely filling my time and keeping me on my toes. Although I think there are story lines that they should concentrate on more than others, I really like how each episode has their own individual problems but somehow the story lines interlock so there’s no gaps or major confusion when watching. Which I think is always a bonus as it’s definitely an easy watch, so it doesn’t acquire too many brain cells when watching at ridiculous-o’clock. Definitely one to watch, apart from the occasional lesbian love scenes.

5. Topshop Lips in Rio Rio

I’ve been looking for a red lipstick that had subtle hints of orange running through it and I finally found what I was looking for when I found Rio Rio. I’d surprisingly never tried any of the Topshop makeup before I purchased this, however it’s got me hooked. The consistency and finish of the lipstick is not what I expect for how little money it was. It’s kind of a semi-matte finish and it doesn’t dry out and turn flakey. I wore this lipstick on a 9 hour work shift and it didn’t budge, which is absolutely incredible as with my usual red lipstick (Mac Russian Red) I find that it starts to dry up and look messy as it wears, however with Rio Rio I haven’t had any issues as such to date.

6. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Face Scrub and Face Cream.

I utterly adore these products. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t use them. I was never 100% happy with the general appearance of my skin, I don’t think I ever will be either. However since starting to use these products of a morning, my skin tone looks a lot more even and I’ve found that I’ve had a lot less breakouts, and when I do have a breakout is clears up a lot quicker than usual. The thing that I’m impressed with most, especially with the cream face wash is that it actually makes your skin feel so clean and fresh. I’ve found that when using other cream face washes that they make my pores feel clogged and I’ve just always felt like they didn’t benefit the appearance of my skin at all. I’ve been nothing but impressed with these two products. They’ve been amazing on my sensitive skin and helped to eliminate excess oils.

7. Jagwar Ma

I don’t think it would be a proper favourites post if I didn’t include my monthly music favourite. It’s always a hard task to pick my favourite song or musician, however this month I’ve defi been over compensating my ears with Jagwar Ma. I usually don’t gravitate towards psychedelic dance music however recently i’ve been listening to the genre and similar genres a lot more than usual. ‘Come Save Me’ has to be one of my favourites, simply because it’s just so catchy. If you’ve read my Summer Playlist then you’d know just how much I’ve been loving that song. Listen is my only advice.


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