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Why I’m Offended By The Bass

Yes, I am completely with the notion that everyone should love their body or at least try to, no matter what their size, because everyone is different. However I can’t help but be offended by ‘All about that bass’.  The song essentially down grades those who are slim, making me personally feel as though it’s wrong that I’m the way I am.

There are so many curvy role models nowadays from Beyonce to Holly Willoughby, which I think is absolutely amazing that those with curves can now embrace them especially with multitudes of hughstreet shops catering especially to the curvy, and even already established shops like ASOS embracing curves with their ASOS Curves range.

I recently read on article on the Mail Online about how the 23inch waist is basically disgusting and it’s disturbing that retail shops cater for such a small size. I’m a 23inch waist and I find it ridiculously hard to find clothes that fit me in a way that makes me feel comfortable. I eat properly, I’ve never been on a diet, I eat a fair share of junk food and fruit and veg. That’s just the shape that I am, I am petite and I can’t help that. Why should I feel as though the size that I am is disgusting?

I feel as though ‘All About That Bass’ had really good intentions to put across a positive message to curvy girls that are feeling insecure about their body appearance, but why not embrace all body shapes in the process instead of shaming? I can’t say that referring slimmer girls as ‘Skinny bitches’ is appropriate, if an artist like Taylor Swift who has previous been called out for being ‘Too skinny’ was to include a somewhat harsh comment towards curvy girls, i’m sure there would be a complete uproar.

In no way at all am I trying to say that curvy girls shouldn’t be made to feel beautiful – and they are, If I could make myself have curves I would – but why should girls who are naturally slim feel as though they shouldn’t be the way they are?


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