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BLOGMAS – Day 2 – Deck The Halls

What could possibly more Blogmas appropriate than putting up the Christmas decorations and listening to some classic christmas songs? All I’m possibly missing is a class of mulled wine and a mince pie. I’m definitely a magpie when it comes to christmas decorations, even though I hate glitter in everyday life. When you think about it, the general exterior of the world is remarkably dull apart from when the festivities start to creep in. It should definitely be a law that cities and towns should have at least fairy lights up all year round.

You can probably tell that this blog post is just complete nonsense concerning christmas decorations, however it’s not christmas until you’ve decked the bloody halls is it? Or just hit the deck yourself from drinking too much mulled wine, each to their own I guess.

I don’t think Christmas tree decorating is mine, or my mothers forte. She’s currently sat on the floor opposite me frantically attempting to untangle the christmas lights, it’s not christmas until the lights are flung to the other end of the room in frustration. I’m eagerly awaiting the moment.

* Just a quick disclaimer that not all of my Blogmas posts are going to be this style, I’m going to be doing some baking, christmas make up and outfit ideas, party playlists and maybe some christmas gift guides, so If you’re not quite into this I do apologies!


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