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BLOGMAS – Day 4 – Christmas Memories

How nostalgic and incredibly brave of me to post some adorable baby pictures of myself when I had a giant head. I don’t think the size of my head has changed since I was 1 and a half, as I now have a tiny head with tiny little baby ears. to accompany the rest of my tiny self- You’re welcome.

After a recent conversation with my Granddad (the one who isn’t ill in case you’re wondering) I actually wish I was still a child when it came to Christmas (I sell get just as excited.. is that bad?) I just feel as though my family made such a tremendous effort to make Christmas magical for me when I was a child.

Every year after I’d send off my christmas list to the big man himself ye ole Chris Cringle/ Santa, I’d receive a letter back with in a few days, it was a poem to be exact – Well more like a nursery rhyme that my mum had probably gotten off the internet as it was good, well I thought it was at the time. Every single year that I’d receive this letter I would take it into school and show my teacher and read it out to my class, I clearly thought I was so special and honoured that I had a letter (which was printed out I might add) and no-one else in my class did.

As the years went on, the fact that I would take the letter in EVERY year bit me back, when children started to pick at me for still believing in Santa, but me believing in this homely christmas magic refused to believe all else, I’d simply reply with “Well why does he send me a letter?!” I was indeed a very strong minded 7 year old.

When the day did come and I merged the courage to ask my mum whether or not Santa was real, she laughed, the laugh of “Oh shit.” She lied and said he was real inevitably, but strong minded 7 year old me refused to believe her after she laughed. I kept asking throughout the day and she FINALLY told me the truth. The day that you find out the Santa isn’t real is probably one of the most heartbreaking days of your life, however I only realised this at the age of 18, when I realised that when you think about it Christmas is just a massive money party for advertisers and shops. Whereas everyone else is left out of pocket and looking forward to the Christmas dinner as the turkey cost them £50 and they’ve not eaten for 2 weeks.

Just spreading the Christmas joy one blog post at a time…



  1. Bess Oates
    December 4, 2014 / 11:37 PM

    i don't actually remember how i found out santa wasn't real, although i'm 18 now and my mum still refuses to admit he doesn't exist.. nice post!!fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

    • Abigail Whitehead
      December 5, 2014 / 9:35 AM

      Your brain has probably blocked it out of your memory due to trauma of some sort!

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