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BLOGMAS – Day 6 – Festive Lip Colours

I feel like I make far far far too many Lipstick posts, they’re probably one of the only beauty posts I do, mostly because I’m a complete lipstick addict, and I tend not to mess with my eye makeup too much. I’m a strong believer in a bit of eyeliner and a good old brown smokey eye, if any.

To me a lipstick can almost completely define the look or even mood that you’re in, as well as adding a bit of colour and texture to your face without having to painfully experiment with colourful eyeshadow – What a ball ache.

I thought i would somewhat attempt to assist you on choosing a festive lipstick that will make you look done up and obviously super festive without having to do anything too drastic.

– NARS Audacious Lipstick – Audrey

Audrey is a super beautiful colour, as well as super typical for me. I love those reddish colours that have a hint of plum bonded in, almost like a deep mauve pink colour. This is a great alternative to red lipstick, as even though red is clearly super festive, I’m aware that it might not suit all skin tones and people who usually gravitate towards more nude lipsticks may feel self-conscious, Audrey is the perfect lipstick for those wanting to dip their toes, or lips into more bold lip colours, without diving straight into red. This is a really elegant and flattering lipstick, although it was expensive, sometimes you have to treat yourself, you HAVE to.

– MAC – Mehr

The picture doesn’t do this lipstick justice (mostly because it was taken in bad lighting sorry, but i refuse to wait until morning and fail at blogmas) it’s that famous Kylie Jenner colour, however slightly pinker so it suits fair skin perfectly.  It’s remarkably hard to find a nude-ish lipstick to suit someone as fair as me without it looking as though I have drawn over my lips with concealer. If you’re like me and straggle with this i’d add Mehr to your list of considerations. I think this lipstick would really pull a makeup look together, if you want it to be really girly and pretty, however the lipstick can be the perfect pair to a matte brown smokey eye for that Kylie Jenner grunge “yeah this is my face tilt head” look

– Urban Decay – Miss Mia Wallace

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection. I absolutely freaked out when this range was brought out in October. I really regret not buying the lipliner to match the lipstick. This colour is basically what it says on the tin, or tube, it is Miss Mia Wallace, the classic Miss Wallace lipstick, a cherry red with darker undertones for that vampy Mia Wallace look. Once again perfect for both Christmas and New Years Eve.

– MAC – Diva

Diva is the lipstick that I’m going to wear on Christmas day (lipstick is a very important matter and must be decided weeks in advance) When I first got Diva I wasn’t the biggest fan of it as I thought it was really drying, however recently I’ve started to apply carmex like it’s going to be discontinued, which has really made me wear this lipstick a lot more. It’s definitely one of the boldest lipsticks that I own and makes me look like a vampire, but it looks like mulled wine and makes me feel super sophisticated – Although I’m tragically not.


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  1. Selina
    September 22, 2016 / 7:39 AM

    I have Audrey and I love it. It's one of the most beauteous colours I've ever seen. Red lipstick really does suit everyone, you just need to find the right shade for your skintonehttps://matchamilady.wordpress.com/

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