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Considering I’m a complete lipstick fanatic, It’s hard to ‘Wow’ me when it comes to lipsticks as I’ve soldered my way through the good and the bas of the lipstick world. I’ve never actually tried any of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, however I’ve always been incredible intrigued, I mean rose gold packaging is hard to resist no matter what your age.

The Desk to Disco duo’s are only available from the Charlotte Tilbury website and are a few pounds cheaper than if you were to buy 2 lipsticks from the Matte Revolution collection, which you can’t complain about, and yes the lipsticks are full sized. I’ve heard a lot of positivity hovering around the Matte Revolution lipsticks as they were released a few months ago and I’m more than surprised. They’re absolutely gorgeous. The formula is quite thick which I was initially sceptical about because they’re matte lipsticks and I thought it would almost be like wearing paste on my lips. However the lipstick have a slight satin consistency to them. They glide on nicely and are breathtakingly pigmented.

If you’re like me and have really been wanting to deep your feet (or lips or face or eyes) into the magical makeup world that is charlotte tilbury I’d recombined reading some reviews and looking at some swatches of the colours as the colours in the tube are slightly different to how they actually appear, for example the darkest shade (glastonberry) isn’t as dark as it is in the tube, it has deep purple and pink undertones running through it. Overall the lipsticks are lovely, and a real treat if you’re feeling the winter blues and wanting a rose gold pick me up.


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