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Over the recent months the 90’s lip trend has sky rocketed from catwalk to high street.  Yes, I’m completely aware that in the photographs these lipsticks look almost identical, however that’s not the case. They’re a variety of matte, satin and glossy finishes, which completely justifies everything, yep.

The ‘Kylie Jenner Lip’ is an ongoing trend and everyone wants to know just what she’s wearing. However judging by how pale I am, the brown-toned neutral lipsticks make me look like I’m attempting to look like my Mum in the nighties with her terrible orangey-brown lipstick (sorry not sorry, Mum)

1. Taupe – MAC (Matte)

As you can clearly see I’m a massive lover of MAC lipsticks, I think they always have the shade that you’re looking for, or something pretty similar. Taupe is probably one of the closest lipsticks I have to what Kylie Jenner would wear, it’s a lot more brown than the others but is definitely more on the pink side than what Kylie Jenner would wear.  It’s got a really creamy finish, despite being matte and is a great alternative to a bold red lip on a night out, or just on a day to day basis.

2. Bond Girl – Charlotte Tilbury (Matte)

Bond Girl is such a luxurious lipstick. The packaging is amazing and the quality of the lipstick is absolutely outstanding, you get exactly what you pay for with this product. Once again it’s a really creamy matte, and doesn’t dry your lips out. The thing I love the most about this lipstick is the shape of it, it’s quite architectural in its shape, which makes it really easy to neatly apply. You could easily apply this perfectly without a lip liner. It’s such a fuss free lipstick and if you’re wanting to treat yourself to a really wearable high end lipstick I’d 100% recommend Bond Girl.

3.  Mehr – MAC (Matte)

I have received quite a few compliments when wearing this lipstick and I’m constantly asked what it is. It’s Mehr of course, another Kylie Jenner dupe, but once again more on the pink side. I would describe this lipstick as being a mauve pink. It’s a really wearable neutral colour to wear if you hate bright pink lipsticks like I do. This is probably the only ‘pink’ lipstick that I would feel comfortable lipstick. It’s slightly on the more drying side, however it still remains to be one of my all time favourite lipsticks.

4. Sweet Maple – Too Faced (Glossy)

I sort of purchased this lipstick because my rabbit is called Maple, so that completely justifies this purchase and is clearly full of logic. However I love this lipstick on days where I can’t really be bothered making that much effort. It’s really buttery and creamy and makes your lips feel pampered and moisturised. However, I do occasionally blot the lipstick so that it isn’t as glossy, as I’m one of those girls that absolutely detests lipgloss, basically because my hair ALWAYS gets stuck in it and that’s something I just cannot mentally deal with. This lipstick is one for the girls who don’t like lipstick that feel really heavy, but still want to wear a bit of a colour.

5. Twig – MAC (Satin)

Twig is my new found love. I absolutely adore this lipstick, it’s really similar to MAC’s craving, however it’s a lot more on the mauve pink/brown side than it is purple, however this lipstick definitely has a little hint of purple in the mix. Satin finishes by MAC are one of my favourite finishes, they’re not too matte and they’re not too glossy, the sit right in the middle – Which is exactly how I like it.


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