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This is a little series that I’ve been wanting to start for sometime now! I’ve been blogging since 2013 and I have a few tips to share with you guys! None of these tips are probably going to be outstandingly groundbreaking, they’re probably obvious, however I didn’t have anything like this when I started my blog – I think If I did, the experience would have been a lot easier! The first instalment of this post is going to be about starting your blog! I know so many people who have contemplated starting a blog, this is definitely something that I did, but when I did start my blog, I was so happy! 


 I wanted to add a gif of Shi Lebouf in his JUST DO IT video, but I thought I would refrain myself for many reasons. There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to do something when you haven’t got the confidence to do it! I wanted to start my blog probably about 2 years before I did – This is a regret of mine, I wish I had just done it when I thought about it, however I done it in the end, after 2 years of plucking up the confidence! 

Do not let any of your preconceptions stop you. The fear of being judge, the fear of feeling weird, the fear of feeling odd that you’re putting your thoughts and feelings on the internet for everyone to see, do not let this hold you back! At the end of the day, if people are that concerned about what you’re doing, then they live a very sad life. You do you, don’t let someones snide comment stop you! 

I went through a stage were I kept my blog private from my friends and family. Which I don’t think is a bad thing, it gave my blog a bit of time to develop – Now my family ask me how my blog is doing before they ask me how I’m doing so that it as you will.. 


When I started my blog, I had a completely different name to what I have now, this blog used to be called Abigail Bunny, when I started my blog, the name didn’t really cross my mind as being that crucial, however the years have thought me it is! This year I became Blush & Noise, I got rid of my childhood nickname as my blog name. I didn’t feel as though Abigail Bunny was what my blog wanted to be, it didn’t really represent my style or what my blog is about, even though I suppose you could say that about Blush & Noise – However I’ve not came across a blog with a name like more, or even similar, which I suppose is why people self entitle their blog with their name, which is something I did want to do, however I’m not a fan of my surname which is ‘Whitehead’ – Your blog name is your blog identity! 

Maybe you’re reading this and you have a blog and you’re not happy with the name, my advice is change is asap! I wanted to change my name for a long time but never did, once I changed my blog name, my attitude about blogging completely changed. In the past year I have absolutely LOVED blogging! I’ve had so many amazing opportunities from my blog, and I think changing my name led to how I thought about my blog. I now think as Blush & Noise as my child! 


When it comes to actually creating your blog, there’s two main websites that you may be considering using, that’s blogger/blogspot and wordpress. I’m personally hosted by blogger, I then purchased my domain name separately (which I will talk about in another post from this series) For me, I decided which host to go with by creating a little mock website on each to see how I liked it and which one was easiest for my technology inept mind! Obviously, that was blogger for me. I just found that blogger it a lot easier, plus you don’t have to pay for it to be able to really excel your blog. I recommend you should really read into this and see what you think. I don’t want to push my reasons on you too much, as I think this is something that you should decide for yourself, each website inevitably have their pros and cons!


One of the most common things to happen in the world of blogging, is that originality can be lost. A crucial point to blogging is developing your own sense of style – Not in the fact of what you’re wearing necessarily, but in the sense of your posts. Don’t allow yourself to talk about things because everyone else is talking about it, don’t copy someones post, simply take inspiration from it if you enjoy it! I mean there’s the generic blogger things like monthly favourites and beauty and fashion hauls, which are personally some of my favourite posts to read, simply because I love knowing what other people are loving and buying! There’s nothing wrong with doing a tag style post or a monthly favourites, but don’t just like something because a popular blogger does, talk about the things you’re actually interested in, you come across as more genuine that way! 

Another tip is to write down any ideas that you have – This is something that I always do! I write down all the ideas that I have and expand on them, I think ‘how can I make this interesting?” I mean, I mostly write my posts for myself and just sort of hope that people enjoy it, but sometimes I like doing things a little different. For example: Outfit of The Day posts really help to showcase who you are, your sense of personal style is always going to be individual, so share your individualistic qualities!  It could be argued that this little Blogging Tips isn’t genuine, which I’m fully aware it’s been done before, but I’m including my own experiences in order to help others, my experience is going to be different to everyone else. 

That concludes the first instalment of my Blogging tips! The next instalment will be with you next month, so stay tuned! 





  1. Alice Gibbs
    December 7, 2015 / 6:39 PM

    Thanks for some great tips. I started blogging back in 2011 and have since had a couple of years break and oh my how its changed! There is a whole different community and I have to say I'm finding it quite scary to throw myself back into so these tips have really helped :)Whiskey Jars Blog X

  2. Kelly Doe
    December 7, 2015 / 7:13 PM

    The first one was a huge issue for me, as well. I wanted to blog about 4 or 5 years before I actually did it, and it was because people really do judge bloggers. But then I decided to do it and now I couldn't be happier. It took me 6 months before I published it on my fb profile and people have been amazing 🙂 So I'm very happy about that! Thank you for sharing these great tips xxhttp://beautypeptalk.blogspot.com/

  3. Alina Bostan
    December 7, 2015 / 11:35 PM

    Love the tips you have here and I agree with them also. I'm on blogger too as I found it was the easier one for a newbie like me plus I am terrible with coding and things like that xBeauty with charm

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