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It’s time for another ‘What I’ve Been Listening To” I absolutely love doing these types of posts, they’re just something a little different and something that brings my personality and interests onto my blog a little bit more! 

The past few months I’ve been listening to some old favourites, as being 20 is staring responsibility staring me in the face, I’ve been listening to some of the bands and artists that I’ loved as an early teen, when I thought I was really cool and off beat, but really I’m just clumsy and dramatically un-cool.


The Maccabees Toothpaste kisses Blush and noise

I was listening to one of the Spotify playlists that I made a good few years ago and this song came on whilst I was shuffling through the playlists and I was just sat on the train drowning in memories of my 14 year old self who probably thought she was so hard done by in terms of love, but in reality I as 14 and fancied Aaron Johnson in Angus Thongs & Perfect Snoginng – No lie! Anyways I’ve seen The Maccabees a handful of times, I saw them at Glastonbury last year, which I loved! They brought Jamie T out on stage so that was a good moment in my life. It’s just so lovely to listen to songs that just take you back to silly moments in your life and you can really reflect on how far you’ve come (This shit just got deep guys) 


Beach House Myth Blush and noise

I recently purchased Bloom on vinyl as it’s one of my favourite Beach House Albums. When me and my boyfriend got home, we put it on and just lay next to each other in silence and listened to it, which probably has you thinking “How Strange!” But I honestly live for moments like that. When you can just surround yourself in great company and enjoy a moment without having to say a thing. I completely adore Beach House and whenever I listen to them I just feel like I’m in a good place. I love that chilled out euphoric sound, that’s quite Tame Impala/ Wild Nothing like, however It’s a lot more chill and you know ‘good vibes’ and all that! 


Southern Skies Yuk Blush and noise

I mostly listen to Yuk when I’m in a bad mood and truly want to dwell in it for a period of time, however Southern Skies is a really idyllic and calming song. So inevitably I’ve been listening to this song after a stressful day at uni when I sort of want to kill everyone and then I have to endure a train journey home full of other frustrated commuters! This is the song that I’ve been playing when I just want to zone out and potentially awkwardly fall sleep leant against a train window – I didn’t chose the classy life… 


I freaking love The Coral! So with their release of their new album, it was evident that they had to be included in this post! I’ve been loving ‘Miss Fortune’ recently, it’s really upbeat and just leaves me begging for the warmer weather so I can listen to it with the sun beaming down onto my face! I’m also going to see The Coral at Liverpool’s Sound City festival in May, so having a good listen to the album is essential! However I’m excited to see them live purely to listen to some of my old favourites live for the first time! Much excite! 


Wolf Alice Lisbon Blush and Noise

I actually spoke about Wolf Alice in my previous ‘what I’ve been listening to’ post, however I went to see them in Liverpool’s Arts Club last week so they sort of a constant fixture in my playlist recently! I literally adore Wolf Alice, I think Ellie is so cool and chill, pretty much everything I’m not, so she’s quite admirable in that sense! There’s so many songs that I completely love and so happy to see live, however “Lisbon” was a track that I was like yeah that’s a cool song, but when I heard it live and experienced the atmosphere, now I’m just like BEST SONG EVER! So, If you haven’t listened to them yet, then please do! They’re a big band to keep an eye out if you ask me! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! What have you been listening to recently? 



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  1. The Epic Edge
    March 16, 2016 / 6:39 PM

    I liked Your music taste, some of the songs I`ve add in my own playlist :))

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