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For so long now I’ve been wanting to do something drastic with my hair and thanks to Sassoon I finally had the opportunity  to do so! When in your twenties it’s only right to do something a little fun with your hair right? That’s right ladies (and gents?) my hair has been bleached and I’ve popped my hair dyeing cherry! 

Bleaching my hair is something that I never thought I’d do in my lifetime, my hair is naturally blonde however it’s quite a warm toned blonde, which I’ve never overly liked – I’ve always personally preferred more ashy-cool toned blondes, so I thought I’d take the leap of faith and take a chance by putting my trust into the hands of colour specialist, Isla at the Liverpool Metquater Sassoon Salon! The process took about 3-4 hours, usually I’m used to sitting in the chair for 45 minutes for a quick trim and blow dry however this time it was serious and I couldn’t have wished for anyone better to take on this task than Isla! From meeting her previously at an event within Sassoon, I knew if I was ever going to do it, this was the time to and she was the gal to do it! 

To achieve my cool-toned ‘pearlised’ blonde, my hair was bleached for around 30 minutes, with my hair already being light blonde, the bleach didn’t have to sit in the hair too long – Which I’m sure my sensitive scalp deeply appreciated! Once the bleach had worked it’s magic, it was time to completely tone my hair to banish all of the brassy yellow tones within my hair and leave me with a head of white locks! 

I couldn’t be more happier with my hair, a massive change and update for me that ultimately paid off! I fell as though I should have been born with this hair, it makes me feel so much more confident and edgy and with my new hair do a new sense of style experimentation has been awakened and I generally feel as though I’m up for trying new styles and switching things up with my makeup since I’ve had my new hair do – It’s  been a little confidence boost from heaven!

A massive thank you to Isla (colour) and Ellie (style) at the Sassoon Salon in Liverpool’s Metqauter, I genuinely couldn’t be more happier with my hair, I’m ready for the Summer with my new self confidence boost and my sassy new hair colour! 

See you on Sunday! 




  1. Wanderlust Girl
    June 9, 2016 / 4:43 AM

    I love how it doesn't look too white or bleached out- just that perfect in between! Looking great on you, lovely xxhttp://wanderlustgirl-kb.blogspot.ca

  2. Emma Spencer
    June 29, 2016 / 8:52 PM

    WOW Abigail, you look incredible! You hair is seriously flawless, it's perfect! Xxhttp://theemasphere.com/

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