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Summer is the month that my skin just loses all control, this Summer has been the worst one to date in terms of the condition of my skin. I feel as though I’ve had a substantial amount of blemishes, large pores and extremely dry areas – Sorry for the TMI however this Summer I’m taking skincare WAY more seriously and these little saviours that I was kindly sent have made such an impact on the condition of my skin!

I personally have combination to oily skin, I suffer with enlarged pores which is a given when your skin type is within the oily category. however dry areas I’m not as familiar with. This Summer I’ve had horrifically dry and sore areas on my face, make-up would cling to those areas and pretty much every moisturiser I used did nothing! It’s just so frustrating when you’re moisturising like there’s no tomorrow and areas of your skin are looking like the Sahara desert! As I imagine the issue to send for a lot of people that suffer with skin issues, it’s a massive blow to your confidence however I might just have the answer for you, in the confines of these skincare saviours from Medik8! 


The Medik8 Glow Oil is a product that I would have never imagined myself using, having oily skin it seems more than bizarre to be adding more oil to your skin, my skin is my identity, not a frying pan after all! This oil has changed my opinion on face oils all together, I’ve tried a few previously, however they’ve always left my face feeling greasy, rather than hydrated therefore naturally I always thought that face oils just weren’t the ones for me! However this Glow Oil from Medik8 is like nothing I’ve ever tried before! 

The oil is a dry oil blend, meaning that when applying you still get that silky oil like texture, however it absorbs into the skin and leave absolutely no trace – Which is fantastic news for us people of the combination to oily variety! The oil has SO much goodness packed into it, its enriched with a blend of essential oils and Vitamin C resulting in a youthful glow and your skin just looking utterly radiant! 

The product is used after you undergo the chore of cleansing your face, it can be used morning or night, or both if you’re really wanting to combat your dry skin quickly, however I used it of an evening as apart of my evening skincare routine. The first few days of using the glow oil, I applied it evenly all over my face, as my skin was in desperate need of a moisture serge! My skin however occasionally gets very try on areas around my chin and nose, so with the rest of my skin feeling smooth and hydrates, I’ve only been applying the oil in necessary dry areas. I can’t quite describe how dry those particular areas get, like it’s quite ridiculous to the point I’ve been very concerned that It was much more than dry skin! This oil has really aided those areas of the skin in getting the moisture and essential oils that they needed! I couldn’t be more happier with this oil and it’s over exceeded pretty much all of my initial thoughts! 


Let’s just have a little reflect on how completely and utterly annoying clogged, enlarged pores can be! They’re the one skin issue that really knocks my confidence, as makeup cannot even hide those moon creator pores that can’t help but cover my nose, chin and upper cheeks! I’m an absolute lover of face masks that help unclog those pesky pores and testing out this clay mask has been a walking day dream! 

When I received these products, I could not wait to try this masks, as soon as it arrived it was out the box and on my face within seconds! I absolutely rave about the Ren Pore Minimising Face Mask, it’s my favourite detox face mask ever! However since trying the Medik8 mask, it’s got some serious competition! This masks leaves my skin feeling clear, bright and refreshed, the mask is rich in botanical antioxidants resulting in the skin quite literally feeling like a baby’s bottom – Excuse the cliche phrase, however it’s never been more relevant! 

The mask is quite thick in consistency, so you only really need to apply a thin layer across your face. The mask sits on the skin for 10 minutes, until it goes slightly tight, wash off with warm water and say hello to your refreshed and powerless face! The mask can be used weekly, or more often if you desire, however I use it whenever my skin begins to lack it’s lustre and when pores start looking noticeable and clogged when I wear makeup. If you suffer with this issue, than I strongly recommend you try this face mask, not only does it refine pores but it really does leave your skin feeling simply divine, even days after use my skin still remains seeing the benefits of the mask! 


Overall, I am SO impressed with these two products! I don’t think I could have been introduced to a brand in a batter way! The results of both products have truly made a massive and long lasting impact to my skin and I will 100% continue to use them and seek the benefits of them! I’ve got a new skincare brand in my life and I’m so excited and intrigued to try more from this brand! 

Have a lovely weekend! 



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