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London Fashion Week is on the horizon, so it’s only right to celebrate it before hand with cocktails, canapés and of course… handbags! I had the pleasure of attending the MyBag.com pre LFW event at The Alchemist in Manchester, for an evening of girly chats and cocktail making! I never thought I’d be that gal who has a complete Sex In The City lifestyle attending a cocktail session after work, however it’s a lifestyle that I could get used to! 

MyBag.com have a whole host of different luxury brands at your finger tips on the one site! From cult favourites like Grafea and The Cambridge Satchel Company to brands that are the height of luxury such as Aspinal of London and LuLu Guiness! There’s something for everyone, which is something I really love about MyBag.com, I’m a little bit obsessed not going to lie!

 I’ve never been to an invent where I’ve felt so comfortable and confident! The girls at MyBag did such an amazing job at selecting the fellow bloggers, everyone was so friendly and talkative, which is always good! There was such a lovely atmosphere, I quite literally could have stayed there all evening, sipping on cocktails and eyeing up the dreamy bags on display!

Clearly the trend for LFW is pink, pink to make the boys wink and all that jazz! Over the past few months pink has really grown on me, so when I first laid eyes on these designer beauties, I truly got goosebumps – If that’s not the sign of a true shopping addict then I don’t know what is! The styles of the bags were all so individual, it’s great to see that MyBag can cater for so many different tastes, even within a specific trend! It was also a dream come true to hold a LuLu Guiness bag and feel like a hollywood starlet for a split second!


I am 100% no expert when it comes to cocktail making, I’m a complete cluts and will drink anything as long as it obtains gin and has some sort of citrus tang! The cocktails at The Alchemist are literally works of art.. yeah literally! It was so fun to try my hands out at making one of their signature cocktails “Lightbulb Moment’ (which has gin and pimms in so it’s a match made in heaven really!) 

Their cocktails are like experiments, forget throwing a bunch of ingredients together and giving it a shake, it was taken to the next level, I mea there was fire and dry ice involved, where else would you get that? I had the pleasure of crafting up some cocktails with the beautiful Pingkan from liveofpingkan! It was a true little bonding session with a good old blogging friend! 


It might have been the cocktails talking however when I left the event I felt so positive and utterly happy! The girls did such an amazing job and pulling together an event like that! It was so lovely to have a little chat to them and chat to them about their own blogging lives! Two of the ladies Lily (Almost Couture) and Angharad (Style Trunk) have their own blogs, I knew the perfection of the event had to lay within the hands of fellow bloggers! A bloggers eye for detail is really like no other!

I wish the girls at MyBag all the luck in the world at Fashion Week! I’ll have my eye out on the catwalks for the styles and brands that MyBag feature on their site, and of course your website has a new stalker, because I don’t think there’s a day when I haven’t scrolled through the selection of handbags and drooled a little bit… Oops!











  1. Zauni
    August 24, 2016 / 4:24 PM

    Seems like a lovely time! I've always wanted to learn how to make a cool, unique cocktail. So awesome you got the chance Abigail!ZAUNITANÍL.COM

  2. Cara E
    August 24, 2016 / 6:58 PM

    Ah that event looked like it was so much fun, the cocktail you made looks so delicious! Love your bag picks too, especially that silver Lulu clutch!www.britishmermaid.com

  3. Alina Bostan
    August 31, 2016 / 6:25 PM

    I haven't heard of this brand before but I am loving the look of these bag designs, stunning! And what a cool place for an event, cocktails are my absolute favourite and it looks so fun that you had the opportunity to create your own xBeauty with charm

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