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As you may already know, Free People is a brand that I completely adore! I love the whole bo-ho ‘girl next door’ vibes that the brand really embraces, so obviously when I was invited to preview their Spring/Summer 2017 collection, I jumped straight on the opportunity and of course, it goes without saying that I’d be giving you guys a little sneak peak, so you can start creating your wish list – Mine is sort of getting out of hand! 

There new collection is a real mixed bag, there’s some really girly and floaty items however there’s also some more 70’s rock ‘n’ roll vibes happening within the collection. I feel as thought they’ve captured my two alter egos. The side of me that want’s to skip through a field of daisies and the contrasting side of me, that wants to whack on some rock ballads and indulge in vintage wash denim and suede. 


For all of those who are scrolling through this post absolutely drooling at the new collection, tell your bank account I’m sorry. I feel as though they’re too good not to share, even though they’re not available just yet it’s always good to have something to look forward to, right? Even if that does mean that you’re secretly wishing away the months. 

To put you out of your misery, the collection will be available from February 2017, yeah it’s basically like another Christmas! I have my eyes firmly set on the brown suede star stud biker jacker pictured above, it was like love at first sight and I think I took a good 20 photos of it because it was absolutely stunning.  

If my crystal ball has me right, S/S 2017 is all about the florals and channeling your inner hippie chick, which is right up my street. I feel as though it’s a statement that comes around every single summer, however each time it has a little twist. For example, this year was all about ruffles and frills mixed with florals to achieve that sort of ‘Granny’s Attic’ trend, however I’m no fashion forecaster but I think we’re gonna be channeling our inner Stevie Nicks in S/S 2017, or at least I know I’ will. 


The event was held at a restaurant named Ethos, which is delightfully hidden from the overwhelming bustle of Oxford Street. It was almost like entering a dream, filled with amazing vegetarian food, cakes and of course CLOTHES! I may be going off of topic a little here, however the food at Ethos is absolutely amazing, if you’re a lover of sweet potato, hollumi and of course the beloved humous, then this is the place for you.  

The venue really puts the icing on the cake when it comes to events, and I think that Ethos had the decor to really suit Free People branding, the team have evidently done an amazing job and dressing the event because like wow, I literally could have lived there. 


Free People are much, much more than a clothing brand, over the past few months they’ve been selling cruelty free vegan skincare and makeup products. The fact that the brand holds onto environmentally friendly ethics is amazing. Prior, to the event I actually wasn’t aware that they sold beauty items as such on their websites. Although I’m not vegan, I do always try and research products before I buy them, as I think it’s good to consider and it is such an eye opener on how many brands are actually becoming cruelty free, a change really is happening! 

I was once again really presently surprised by the amount of brands I recognised and had no idea they were vegan! Although the brands within the FP beauty range aren’t their own brand, they’ve done an amazing job at selecting brands that fit in with their own brand and inevitably what they’re customers are going to want. I’m really excited to be able to shop cruelty free skincare and makeup all in once place, with out having to research! 

So, although I’m a lover of Autumn and Winter I would be lying if I wasn’t wishing it all away, simply so I can get onto the Free People website and bag myself some of these amazing new season items! What are your favourites so far? 





  1. Allie Davies
    October 21, 2016 / 11:33 AM

    I fell in love with that studded jacket the second I saw it on your snapchat. I need it. And the pink one. And those hangers. It's all so pretty ?tie-dye-eyes

    • Abigail Whitehead
      October 22, 2016 / 8:27 PM

      It's amazing isn't it! It was actual love at first sight when I saw it!

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