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HERE’S TO 2017

Here we are again, welcoming a new year in with open arms and fresh hopes that this year may actually be one to tell the Grandkids. Despite 2016 being a complete train-wreck in some aspects, let’s not go into the politics about if for everyones sake, however 2016 has actually taught me a lot and opened my eyes to a lot of things within my life. When Kylie Jenner stated that 2016 was the year of ‘realisation’ and everyone joked about it, you know what, the girl was actually right! 

2016 has been the year were I’ve found a little sense of self. I somewhat know what I want to do with my career path after university and most importantly, I know who my real friends are and who I can actually trust. 2016 has truly been a year were I’ve felt quite alone actually, as sometimes realising things about the people you once trusted can make you feel quite isolated but at the end of it all, sometimes it’s for the best. Now with all the aspects of 2016 put to one side, here’s to 2017 and fingers crossed, the year that things start to shape themselves up and smooth themselves out… 


Before diving into it and talking about what I want to achieve throughout 2017, I thought we’d take a little time to concentrate on the good of 2016 and the positive memories and lessons that I’ve learnt throughout the year. 


Although I wish I could afford to visit a variety of cities across the world, I just can’t! However this year I’ve visited the beautiful Berlin, London and even took a trip to Glastonbury once again. The thing I’ve loved about 2016 is that I’ve always had something to look forward to. Berlin was booked at the start of 2016 and it was such a wonderful trip (you can see my blog post all about it here) I also visited London to have a day with Free People and see their new 2017 collection, which was incredible. Glastonbury Festival is a weird but wonderful place and each year I go back I love it even more, so to be visiting once again in 2017 can only mean more fun and more memories. 


This year has shone light on the badness of a lot of the people that I once called my ‘friends’ which is upsetting however this year I’ve met SO many new friends through blogging and I am so grateful for having these amazing guys and gals in my life who simply understand, and have such amazing and interesting personalities. There’s too many to name however I know if they’re reading this they will know, so a thank you for making me feel apart of something. I am truly lucky to have met you all! 


Since my Granddad passed in 2014, family life has been the most important thing to me. It was the first death that I’d experienced and I was so close to my Granddad, it was heartbreaking to lose him however it’s definitely brought the family closer together for all the right reasons.  This year has been another difficult year for my family however we’re only getting closer and stronger, so hopefully this year we’re all going to be unbeatable! 


Last but certainly not least, blogging. I can’t even express how much my blog has changed my life. It’s given me so many new friends, as well as so many incredible opportunities that I still struggle to get my head around. I’ve collaborated with so many amazing brands this year, I simply can’t believe it! Every time I see an email pop into my inbox I pretty much squeal with excitement. This all wouldn’t be possible without the people that read my blog and support it. So thank you so much for reading, following and commenting. It honestly means the world to me. 


Although the phrase ‘New year, New me’ is received with a series of groans and eye rolls, sometimes It’s a good thing to look at your life and the lessons you’ve learnt and truly start again with a fresh head filled with positivity. This year I’m really wanting to change how I view myself. So here’s some things I’m hoping to get from 2017… 


By being more organised, I also mean getting my shit together and not be such a stress head. So this year I’ve purchased and agenda and a series of organisers in order to start of on the right foot. 2017 is going to be the year that I graduate, therefore I want the last few months of university to be somewhat blissful to avoided and breakdowns, which I’m certainly no stranger to having. I simply just want to me on top of things and have a clear head, instead of 101 thoughts buzzing around my brain at all times. 


In 2016, I’ve really struggled with my confidence. I know everyone has features that they’re self conscious about, however my self confidence is so low it’s quite ridiculous. This year I really want to work on this, as I really don’t think I can manage another year of feeling the way I do about myself, it’s becoming pretty much intolerable and I simply cannot deal with it. 

Although as I said previously I don’t currently have crazy funds to travel the world. However I’d love to visit a handful of towns and cities within the UK this year. I’ve got a little list of some lovely places to visit, so for cheap getaways I’d love to start ticking them from my list. I mean, we’ve got New York booked for September 2017, which is so exciting and I’m so lucky to be visiting such a vibrant and wonderful city once again. 

I hope you all have an amazing year. Thank you so much for reading my blog this year, every reader is truly appreciated! 




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  1. Phoebe Tee
    January 3, 2017 / 10:35 PM

    Good luck with all your hopes and dreams for 2017! Phoebe xx

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