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Illamasqua has forever been one of my favourite ever makeup brands. They take the weird and wonderful and then push the boundaries of it. Whenever I’m scrolling through Instagram (usually at 2am when I should be sleeping) my go-to is the illamasqua Instagram page. Their feed is filled with so much makeup inspiration. They’re truly a work of art, they’re like nothing I’ve ever seen. So, when I had the chance to attend a makeup masterclass for their newest spring collection ‘May Queen’ I jumped at the opportunity. 

The masterclass was held by one of illamasqua’s top makeup artists, who traveled up from London for the special occasion. I consider myself an utter makeup rookie, I can just about blend my eyeshadow, never mind create a cut-crease or a disconnected liner look, in which I learned the pro names for them during the masterclass. The masterclass was a great opportunity to push myself in terms of my makeup capabilities, and learn from one of the pros!



The collection itself is truly stunning and the story behind the collection is what makes me love illamasqua so much. The May Queen is a part of a 2-part collection, the second part will be available during the Autumn. However, the story makes the collection utterly magical. The May Queen collection is designed around the battle of Winter and Spring, during May, the May Queen wins. So the collection is inspired by fresh, light spring colours and the glossy fresh feel of the Spring morning dew. The collection consists of 3 eyeshadows, in which are all beautiful shimmery pastel shades, that completely transform any makeup look. As well as a stunning highlighter, 2 lipsticks, and a loose powder. To me, the collection captures the essence of spring and how it’s a new start. The collection is very fresh-faced, however with a beautiful shimmery difference.

Illamasqua put together collections like no other, their imagery is always spot on, and I love how each collection seems to have their own whimsical touch. Out of the entire collection, the eyeshadows are what It’s all about for me. There’s a shade called ‘Invoke’ which I was kindly gifted that is simply to die for. I’m a lover of a warm toned eye, however, the collection is nothing like what I’m used to. ‘Invoke’ is a beautiful pewter shade, it’s not a little silver and a little gold. It’s so versatile because of that, I can wear it with warm tones and cool tones. It’s made such an impact in transforming my makeup looks and making them look that little bit more ‘WOW’. 

I hope you’re all crushing on the collection as much as I am! I can’t wait for the second part this Autumn. 



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