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There’s nothing I love more than shopping. Some may say that I love shopping a little bit too much. But you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so there’s no chance that I’m going to snap out of my shopping habits anytime soon, apologies to my bank account. Being from Liverpool, I’m absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping. From high street, high end and vintage, Liverpool has such an amazing choice of stores. No matter what your age or style there’s such an amazing selection in Liverpool, especially Liverpool One. 

I remember the day that Liverpool One officially opened to the public, I was about 11 or 12 and my pupils must have doubled in size when I laid my eyes on it. Truly breathtaking, and that’s probably where my shopping addiction started, not going to lie! Growing up, if I ever wanted to shop ’til I dropped, I’d go to Manchester, however, Liverpool One filled the shopping void within Liverpool and we now have some of the best shopping facilities I’ve ever experienced and here’s why…


Not only has Liverpool One got an amazing variety of shops, restaurants, and bars, there’s something happening pretty much all the time. Whether it be a day of amazing student discount offers or food stalls showcasing the treats that the Liverpool One restaurants have to offer.  Your day of shopping can be made into an amazing experience and really makes Liverpool One stand out. Before I head into L1, I always check the “What’s on in Liverpool’ page on their website. It really allows me to make a day of the facilities. There’s some amazing things coming up too, such as; The British Style Collective and amazing art shows held at the famous Blue Coat just outside of the shopping centre.

The way that Liverpool is layed out, really allows you to have a good old wander around, it more than your usual indoor shopping cetnre. You can sit and chill out in Chavasse park. Grab an smoothie from Jo and the juice, and just genuienly enjoy your experience, especially in the Summer time!


Liverpool One is open until 8pm most evenings, so you can do all your shopping and then kick back and relax with a drink and a heary meal once you’ve shopped the day away. I tend to dress comfortable, however still put the effort in, just in case we take a spontaneous trip to a bar and grab a few cocktails. 

I went for a flowly peplum gingham top from New Look, and layered it with a T-shirt from Zara, just so I could have the sun off of my shoulders, I then paired it with a Topshop denim skirt and a Zara basket bag to chuck my purse, phone and any othr daily essentials into. All of these items are available in Liverpool One, you can find everything you need to easily. You’ll never have the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dillema again after a visit at Liverpool One. 


Whether I’m spending the day shopping or I need to kill a bit of time when waiting for Friends or Family. There’s a handful of shops that I ALWAYS have to visit, without a doubt. I love fashion and I love bits-and-bobs, the thing that I love about Liverpool One, is that it’s not all the same kind of thing. You can really get everything you need, no matter how diverse your shopping list is. You need to buy a new pair of shoes and a spoon in the shape of a guitar, yep, you can find them both in Liverpool One. 


Utility is one of my favourite shops in the entire world. I can spend hours on end looking though all the interesting and innotive products that they have on sale. From interesting coffe table books, to tea posts and baby clothing, Utility really does have it all. Whenever I need to buy a gift or need a bit of inspiration, I head straight to Utility. The staff are lovely and even if you’re not shopping and need to kill a little bit of time Utility is the shop that I’m fully invested in. 


Urban Outfitters is another store that I can spend a ridiculous amount of time in. They have a wide varienty of clothing, shoes nad accsessories. As well as a dreamy homeware section. The temption not to buy everything is sometimes unbareable. Urban Outfitters get the selves involved with a lot of sales and student offers, so if you’re a student in Liverpool, or you’re a student who’s visiting the city, Urban is a really good places to stock up your wardrobes without breaking the bank too much. 


The White Company is another store that I can spend a lot of time in. Once you’ve smelt all the candles and stocked every cushion and blanket in sight, an hour has past and your boyfriend wants to kill you. The staff are so helpful and it’s impossible to leave without buying something, or wanted to completely redecorate your home. 


What would we do without good old Topshop? Whenever you’re having an outfit dillema, I head straight to Topshop. Their visual merchandising is always so helpful in how to pair together a look. Even if you’re at a completely blank, you can book yourself in for a personal shopping appointment and get you’re outfit on point in no time at all. 

So, there you have it. Your shopping experience has been made SO much easier. You know how to plan ahead and realyl make a day of it, as well as what to wear and some amazing shops to add to your hit-list! 

Where are your favourite places to shop? 



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