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The Instagram Guide to Berlin

Although traveling is all about the experiences and taking in new surroundings. As cringey as it sounds, sometimes us bloggers do things with Instagram in mind. Personally, I’m okay with staying in a basic hotel and eating places that taste good rather than look good. However, on our recent trip to Berlin, I was so snap happy when it came to getting content for my instagram. In all honesty, It wasn’t that intentional, however, If you’re wanting to book a trip and up your Instagram game, here’s my Instagram guide to Berlin!



Where We Stayed 


Max Brown Kuddam

Some of the hotels in Berlin are seriously amazing. There’s hotels with aquariums in the lobbies and hotels which are so minimalistic and cool. Last time we visited Berlin, we stayed in Hotel Amano Grand Central, the location was perfect and the room was super simple and minimal, so on this visit, we decided (I say we, but I bought the trip as Vincent’s Christmas Present) that we would go for something a little bit more interesting and more in keeping with our own interior interests. Max Brown have a few hotels across Germany & The Netherlands, honestly, I’ve never stayed in a hotel so trendy and interesting. The lobby was my homeware dream, were talking neon lights, giant cacti’s and a ton of 60’s/7o’s inspired chairs and sofas. The entire hotel is so aesthetically pleasing, it’s a short walk from the underground train stations, however, the streets surrounding it are very quite, is make of that what you will!



Where We Ate 


Brammibal’s Donuts


During our trip, we ate at a lot of vegan cafes and restaurants. Most of the time by accident, as myself and Vincent and both vegetarian. However, a lot of the time I completely forgot I was eating vegan food. Brammibal’s Donuts was a prime of example of that! They’re a vegan donut cafe and oh my GOODNESS, these are the best donuts I’ve ever tasted, the fact they were vegan was completely forgotten. The cafe is stunning in general, the cups are pink – So what more could you want for your Insta snaps?





Unfortunately, on this one occasion, I ate the burger that fast, I failed to get a decent photo of it, call myself an Instagrammer, right? However, Instagram photos aside. Burgermesiter is the home of THE best veggie burger I’ve ever tried. Honestly cannot fault it at all. At one point, I had to try the patty separately just to make sure that it wasn’t actually meat! Luckily it wasn’t, otherwise that would have been a good 2 years of my vegetarian life ruined. There’s 2 locations in the city. The original is under a rail way track in a very cool, old style Kiosk and the other is about a 2 miles down the road in a small shop, however, it still has that ‘train stop’ vibe about it. It’s a very cool place to grab the best burger of your life.

Benedict Berlin

Benedict Berlin is the hotel restaurant at Max Brown. It’s a 24hr breakfast joint which has an amazingly decorated main sit-down area and an utterly adorable bakery area where fresh pastries and coffee’s are served. We are at ‘Benedict to-go’ one morning before we went exploring and it was so delicious. The pastries really hit the spot and so did the coffee. Everything takeaway is also served in the cutest packaging, so it makes grabbing that insta-shot to go just that little bit easier!




What We Got Up To 


Boat Ride


On our first visit to Berlin, we done all the usual tourist thangs. From fitting in as many museums as possible and seeing all the sights. So this time, we decided to relax on our trip to Berlin, however, obviously we wanted to soak up the culture whilst we could. The boat trips coast around 20-30€ and usually occur every hour. We didn’t plan to go on a boat trip, it was just a lovely day, so we decided to have an hour on the boat to have a bit of a breeze! The boat trips are very informative, however, If you’re not into that, it’s really nice to just sit, drink a cocktail and gaze at the stunning architecture!




East Side Gallery


The East Side Gallery is an iconic landmark within the east side of Berlin. It’s a place that’s sad, due to the history of the Berlin wall, however, the art work is amazing and so unique. Some of the murals are in remembrance of Berlin’s history, the wars, the Berlin wall and how the city moved on since then. There’s also political artwork, which is more on the satire side, however, equally amazing. We visited the gallery as the sun set and it was a moment that I felt so happy, surrounded by artwork and a beautiful sunset!



Visit A Photoautomat


Dotted around Berlin you’ll find a string of working vintage analog photo booths. These booths, known as the Berlin Photoautomats have become a symbol of this eccentric and urban city. The Photoautomats are the real deal: having originally been in use in the fifties and sixties, they have been restored the machines and placed them around the city for more memories to be created! Each time I’ve visited Berlin, I cannot leave without getting a Photoautomat, they’re so nostalgic and such a lovely suvonier to have and keep forever.


Berlin TV Tour At Night


If you’ve visited Berlin before or maybe you’re just wanting to avoid the busy tourist cues, then why not visit the sites during the evening? As we’d seen the sites during the daylight before, this time we decided to turn into night owls and visit the Iconic Berlin TV Tour during the evening! The night that we went up the TV tour, was one of my favourite evenings in the city, we strolled around the tour a couple of times and just took in the views!



I hope you enjoyed my alternative look on visiting Berlin! If you have any places you’d like to recommend, please let me know in the comments as although I’ve visited Berlin twice, it’s one of my favourite cities and I’m planning on visiting many more times!





  1. Candice Petersen
    May 3, 2018 / 5:35 AM

    Wow it's so beautiful over there!Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

  2. Lucy Alice
    May 6, 2018 / 5:52 PM

    I was in Berlin at the beginning of April and I completely fell in love with the city. I think my favourite place for breakfast was Spreegold which was located in the Bikini Berlin shopping centre – the pancakes were to die for! We also visited the east side gallery which was amazing. I really want to go back at visit some of the breakfast places you mentioned, German food is the one!Lucy | Forever September

  3. Saloca
    May 14, 2018 / 7:42 PM

    Ah I love Berlin, we had the most amazing week there last year and I really want to go back! So many awesome bars and restaurants and so SO much to do! Loving the pictures!SarahSaloca in Wonderland

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