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The Epitome Of Sunday Style

The Epitome Of Sunday Style

Sunday is by far one of my favourite days of the week. It’s a day when you can truly unwind and relax and get yourself revived for a new busy week. Sunday style is something that is so unique to everyone. Some people saviour Sunday’s to whip out their Sunday bests and feel glamorous and just the best possible. However, I’m more about comfy but stylish lounge wear that you can enjoy a Sunday at home but items that can easily be incorporated into an outfit that you could very easily wear on a leisurely Sunday – Which is my perfect kind of Sunday!

The perfect Sunday staple has got to me a sweatshirt for me, they’re so cosy and fuss free, however, they’re still stylish and can be styled in so many different ways. Whether it’s with some classic Mom style jeans or with a cute denim skirt and some converse, a sweatshirt just adds the perfect effortless edge to any outfit. The one is wearing is from a new brand on my radar, Nicce, I’ve seen the brand floating around my Instagram and when I saw this sweatshirt on their website, it was love st first sight. I love the retro look that it has, it’s just so cool and the monochromatic colour palette make it so easy to style! You can get yours pink hoodie or sweatshirt from the Nicce website!

Sunday style tips

Perfecting your Sunday style is easy, however, whenever I wear shoes with heels or try and dress up a little, I end up feeling uncomfortable and just wishing that I had worn something cosy and casual, so here’s my 3 Sunday style tips that I swear by…

  1. Keep it comfortable

Forget those clothes that you constantly have to faff around with. It’s time to put on your Sunday Best and by that, I mean the clothes that make you feel as though you’re wearing pyjamas all day long. We don’t want no waistlines that cut into our stomachs, no jeans that you can hardly move in. Pop on a pair of wide leg trousersĀ and a baggy t-shirt and you’re good to go!

  1. Room for eating

Sundays are my ‘treat days’ so they’re the day when I take a little less care in what I’m eating. Bloating is normal, however, on a day when you can actually allow the bloat to happen, you want to be comfortable and not feel as though that button on your jeans is about to hit someone in the eye. It’s all about the comfort!

  1. Flats are the way forward

The amount of times I’ve worn ankle boots or small mid-heels on a Sunday whilst out and about and then instantly regretted it is unbelievable. I don’t know why I ever kid myself into it being a good idea, or that I’ll feel good in them and forget about the pain but that never happens. As soon as I start walking, I envision my converse that are longingly sat on my shoe rack, calling my name!


Ways to spend your Sunday

  1. Netflix & scoff your face

What’s better than delving into a new Netflix series surrounded my popcorn and cups of tea? I honestly dare you to think of a better Sunday scenario! I love watching investigative series, so right now I’ve been watching ‘The Staircase’ which is so interesting and reading up on all on theories behind the court case has become one of my favourite pass-times.

  1. Catch up on chores

Although this sounds like the most tedious task, it’s one that makes you feel amazing at the end of the day. The ones chore that I ALWAYS avoid is the ironing, mostly because it’s the task that takes the longest and I can’t really iron to save my life if I’m being honest. The best thing to do, is imagine how you’re going to feel at the end of the day when you can put your cosy pyjamas back on and chill out in your fresh to death home.

  1. Head to your local Sunday market

Sundays bring so much joy to me and I love strolling around a market and just discovering new food and finding some amazing little trinkets. I know the UK especially has some amazing markets that are littered with amazing independents shops and food stalls. My favourite one in Liverpool, however, is the Baltic Market. On Sundays they have a farmers market, so there’s a bunch of new sellers in the warehouse. It’s just the most leisurely day out!


What’s your favourite Sunday pastime? I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday no matter what you’re up to!


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  1. July 3, 2018 / 5:46 PM

    I love this! Leisurely Sundays are the best for me, a little bit of shopping and lazing at home. This jumper looks perfect sunday style xx


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