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#MotivationalMonday | The Women Who Are Inspiring Me Right Now

#MotivationalMonday | The Women Who Are Inspiring Me Right Now

I find Monday’s just get harder and harder as I get older. Just getting the motivation to get out of bed and start my day is truly daunting. I’ve been inspired recently by Hello October’s Monday Motivation Instagram stories. If you’re not familiar with it all, every Monday (at around 10 am to be exact) Suzie posts some bad-ass-babe motivational quotes to kick start your Monday and my God does it put things into perspective and really gives me that push to do something amazing with my week.   I thought that it would be nice to spread some positivity into the hardest part of the week and share some of the amazing women that are inspiring me right now and doing amazing things that I can’t help but look up to.

So, grab yourself a coffee (a big one at that) and let’s kick start our week with some #MondayMotivation 

Aspire To Inspire

Within my job, personal life and blogging career, I look up to women who work for what they have despite all the odds, whether that be self-doubt or mental health. Life can be unexpected and take a path that we never expected it to. Although my Mum is my biggest life inspiration and she is the strongest women I’ve ever met and her love and support that she has for me is something that will forever overwhelm me (in a good way, of course) however, I feel as though going into why my mum is a huge inspiration is very very personal to my family and me, but, just  know that I could take for eternity about hoe my Mum keeps me afloat. So, Mum if you’re reading this I love you and I’m who I am today (which I hope you think is a good thing) because of the strength and the love you share with me endlessly.

Sob story aside, here are the women who inspire me in terms of reaching my career goals and becoming a boss ass babe

Girls, Girls, Girls!

The Women Who Inspire Me

Victoria | In The Frow

Victoria is an award-winning Fashion Blogger, Youtuber and all-around Girl Boss with a PhD.  Victoria is the reason that I put so much time into my blog and really push myself when it comes to creating content that is interesting, creative and innovative.  Although I’m not even close to the level that she is on, mostly because her level of skill and dedication is untouchable, but that’s just why Victoria inspires me so much. She’s took blogging and spun it on its head. She creates content that looks as though it should belong in the centrefold of a magazine it’s truly stunning, well thought out and simply unique content both on her blog and her YouTube channel.  Want to know what else? Victoria is stunning and although I’ve never met her in real life, in her Vlogs and on her social media channels, she comes across as such a down to earth and simply a wonderful young woman.

Sophie | Sophie Rosie

Sophie is a new friend of mine as she has moved back up north to Liverpool after being in the big smoke for the past year. After meeting Sophie and hearing about her past and how she got to where she is now. From taking risks in terms of her career and to moving down to London alone and chasing amazing opportunities. She really inspired me to take more risks in my life whether that be doing something that scares me or seizing opportunities that I don’t think I’m good enough for.  The girl is quite literally a ray of sunshine and it’s as though everything she does is so elegant and beautiful, I mean you don’t need me to tell you that, you can just look at her Instagram & read her blog! 

Debs | Bang On Style

Debs and I follow one another on Instagram and occasionally chit chat about life whether that be mental health or simply complimenting one another’s outfit. However, aside from our little social media chit-chat Debs has really been inspiring me over the past few weeks. I’m a massive lover on Debs’ blog & YouTube channel and despite her recent heartbreak she still continues to push herself in the realms of her creativity. If you love interior style and DIY than you’ll love Debs. On camera, she comes across as so warm hearted and down to earth. She inspires me to keep moving forward and evolving no matter what life throughs at you. 

Remember: You Got This, Babe.

I hope you all have an inspiring start to your week!


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