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It’s All In The Detail | Designing a Gallery Wall With Desenio – AD (Gifted)

It’s All In The Detail | Designing a Gallery Wall With Desenio – AD (Gifted)

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been decorating my first apartment and making it feel more and more like home. Don’t get me wrong, It’s been a slow process and in ways, because I have so much freedom with what I can do with my place, it makes it so difficult to decide what I actually want to do with the space that I have – Such a first world problem, right? However, prints and artwork can fill a space and make it so unique. It’s so much more than throwing some wallpaper up, prints can really make a statement and add colour as well as a whole bunch of personality to a wall. So, I’ve teamed up with the amazing Desenio to share how I created my gallery wall.  

Selecting The Prints

The first step, was by far the longest and the most frustrating, but not because of things not working out, simply because Desenio have such a wide variety of prints on their website, it took my boyfriend and I a good few hours to come to an agreement with the 4 prints we where going to order.

We wanted the prints to be different and create a calming atmosphere when you walk into the apartment, therefore, the theme ended up inspired by nature. We wanted prints that where visually pleasing to look at, as well as prints that had small meaning behind them (even if the reason was that we thought Magnolia was pretty…).

The Desenio website may have a lot of prints to select from, however, they have sections in which you can browse, or you can browse their inspiration rooms to give you the flash on inspiration you might need when it comes to selecting your prints. I found the Inspiration rooms really helpful, just as it allowed me to envision how the prints I was selecting went together and the places in which I could place my prints once they arrived.

Creating The Layout

The layout was made so easily by the Desenio website, although we did change it slightly when we decided to put the prints around our shelving, the ‘Create Your Gallery Wall’ feature allowed us to visualise what the prints we selected would look like together and what sizes and frames would look best in various layouts for each print. If you’re like me and enjoy having everything looking visually pleasing at all times, this feature makes it so easy to create the perfect gallery wall for you. You won’t have to worry when the prints arrive as you’ll have it all sussed out before hand. It’s so easy!

The Finishing Touches

As I mentioned, there’s a few various frame styles and finishes to select from, you can go for all different or keep it minimalistic and uniform like I did. I love how there’s the perfect frame for every size print. In true realness, I have a selection of prints that I’ve fallen in love with at local art sales that I don’t have frame for because I have no idea what size they are. However, with Desenio, you’ll never have this issue. When you select your print & size, you’re automatically recommended the frames that fit that particular size.

Use code ‘blushandnoise’ to get 25% off Desenio prints until 6th September 2018*

The Final Result

Honestly, I am so happy with how the prints look, the amount of times myself and my boyfriend have just stared at the wall and discussed how much we love how the prints completely transformed the feature wall in our living room is ridiculous. We love how the prints work with the shelving that we already had and the vibe it gives to the room is exactly what we wanted. We were adamant to create a calming atmosphere and I think that’s exactly what the outcome has been.

The prints we selected work so well together and I love the contrast of the black wooden frames on our light grey walls, it’s so striking, however with the prints consisting of such muted colours, they stand out without being too over the top.

Prints (Left – Right) 

Cloud Mountains (70×100),  Reaching Hands (50×70), Magnolia (30x40cm), Earth (50x70cm)

*Discount not available on frames or hand crafted/ collaboration prints.


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