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Autumn/Winter Trend Spotting with Aintree Shopping Park | AD

If you know me, you’ll know that Autumn/Winter is my jam. I love cosy jumpers, ankle boots and of course a bit of layering! We’ve had a very strange start to Autumn this year, there’s been days where I’ve had to question whether it’s still the middle of August and days where I’ve had to peel myself out of my dressing gown in order to walk to work in the freezing cold. The fact the weather just cannot make up it’s mind, as resulted in me having a huge dilemma with my wardrobe, I just don’t know what to wear as the weather is so deceiving, therefore I’ve really been putting off purchasing some new items for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. 

This season I’ve teamed up with Aintree Shopping Park in Liverpool to show you some of the unmissable Autumn/Winter trends this season and how I’d style them on a day-to-day basis! 

My Autumn/Winter Style Checklist 

Autumn style has always been my favourite. I love layering and adding warm colours and fun patterns into my wardrobe and switching up my skincare routine ready for the Winter month and those harsh, cold winds.

If you’ve been browsing online or in the shops already, you’ll probably be aware of the trends that are starting to emerge on the high-street this season. Although there’s so many trends to select from, there’s a few that have really caught my eye and I’m so excited to start wearing over the next few months. So far on my Autumn/Winter trends checklist, we have; Cosy Jumpers – because you really can’t beat a snuggly knit for layering, Statement Shoes – as they’re perfect to pair with simple outfits and add a little something to the look, Faux Fur Coats – Because they’re so cosy and make you look super bouje and of course some Leopard print and a foolproof skincare routine! 

Sometimes finding items that are good quality and don’t break the bank can really be difficult. I personally don’t really enjoy shopping in the flesh, I’m much more of an online shopper, however, shopping in store can be a hell of a lot easier when it comes to finding your size and being able to feel the texture and materials of the clothing. Places like Aintree Shopping Park are perfect for people like me who hate shopping in busy city centres simply because they’re so busy and you have to walk so far to get to all the different shops that you want to nose in. Aintree has some amazing shops on offer such as Boots, Next, M&S, TK Max and Homsesense, as well as restaurants so you can fuel up whilst you shop.

Some of my favourite picks… 

3 Tips to Adding Autumn/Winter Trends into your Wardrobe. 

  1. Don’t Force a trend that doesn’t suit you

Not everyone is going to suit every trend or style, that’s normal. Its important that you buy things that you actually like and enjoy wearing, not because you’re seeing it all over Instagram. If you buy into a trend that you’re not 100% sure on, it’s likely that you’re going to waste your money. Chances are you’ll wear it once, not really like it and then back in the wardrobe of no return it goes. 

2. Before you shop, remind yourself what you already have. 

I’m the worst for shopping without looking at what I already have and then when I arrive home, I realise I have a selection of items that are the same (but different.) I personally put clothes away during season they won’t be of use, so by the time I start pulling all of my Autumn/Winter clothes back out, It feels as though I have a whole new wardrobe, which is equally as exciting as shopping. 

3.  Mix & match 

Having items in your wardrobe that you’re able to mix and match with is honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself! It makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier as well as ensuring that you get a decent about of use out of everything in your wardrobe. If you’re brave enough to create a capsule wardrobe, then go for it! 

Shopping at Aintree Shopping Park 

If you’re from Liverpool and want to avoid the city centre, than Aintree Shopping Park should be your go-to. As Christmas shopping season is starting to creep up on us, I think it would be a great place to take the family, there’s even a Pets at Home so you can treat your dog! I actually got Duke a knitted jumper whilst I was there, which he loves because he gets so cold! It’s basically the perfect one-stop-shop for everything! 

Whilst I was shopping, I wondered into Boots (obviously) and was really blown away by their choice of brands. There was everything from NYX to Liz Earle. Want to know the best bit though? They had endless isles of Christmas Gift Sets, so I picked up some bits for Friends & Family (and so did my Mum) Honestly, there’s so many gift sets on offer this season, even Missguided have jumped on the Christmas gifting band wagon, which is crazy! 

Overall, my shopping experience was super enjoyable. There’s free parking so you don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to park in the city centre, there’s a wide selection of shops to suit everyone and there’s restaurants such as Nando’s & Frankie & Bennies so you can fuel up or catch up with your friends whilst you shop! 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and enjoy shopping at Aintree Shopping Park just as much as I did! Keep your eyes peeled to see some of the items I picked up whilst shopping there in some of my up and coming styling instagrams and blog posts! 

Until next time x 


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