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10 Things I Learnt at 22.

On Thursday 27th December, I turned the grand old age of 23. I honestly cannot believe how fast the past year has gone, It’s been truly eventful and this year has certainly been the year that I’ve done the most growing and the most ‘adulting’. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d conjure exactly what I’ve learnt during the past year of being 22, whether it’s good, bad or ugly, another year older can only mean another year of growing, evolving and of course learning.

How To Adult

Honestly, I thought I was an adult as soon as I got a full time job, but then I moved out and the amount of responsibility that comes with that was truly overwhelming. Just moving in general made me gain about 20 wrinkles on my face and aged be about 3 years with the sheer amount of stress I was under, and then we decided to move again in the same year. Not too sure why I did it to myself, but there’s so much more to being an adult than what you think. Stay living at home for as long as you can kids, because as soon as you move, you have no choice to make that phone call for a doctors appointment yourself.

Friendships Are About The Good & Bad

As you get older, friendships can encounter so many battles. These battles only make you stronger if you overcome them, however, as people grow and change, so do friendships. I personally don’t have a friend that I’ve known for my entire life, apart from my mum & sister of course, however, moving around a lot as a kid, made me a lot more careful and cautious when it came to making friends, just as I’ve always wanted friendships that are strong and in it for the win really. With social media nowadays, I think there’s almost this extra pressure on friendships to be ‘#friendshipsgoals’ however, that just doesn’t exist. Every adult friendship is different and just like a blooming flower, you need to water it and tend to it to ensure that it doesn’t whilt and continues to grow and bloom.

Love Is All You Need

2017 had a truly bitter sweet ending. I feel as though I faced so many hardships that I just shouldn’t had been facing at 21. This year, I’ve really put my heart into my romantic relationship. I guess when you’ve been with someone for so long, you almost go into autopilot and just go from day-to-day, however, this year I’ve focused on every little moment and appreciated everything that my boyfriend has to offer and with my hand on my heart, I can honestly say I feel so filled with love

It’s Okay To Take a Break

This year, my mental health has been the true thorn in my side. I feel as though I’ve been put through my paces with my anxiety and depression and it’s really affected my life from work to friendships, It’s really just fucked me over if I’m honest. During July, I was signed off for a week by my doctor to take some time to focus on myself and take a step back from everything that was going in. This was so difficult to do and although not everyone will ever truly understand just what I was going through, I’ve learnt that taking a break is needed sometimes and if you’re family or work colleagues don’t understand that, then that’s they’re problem.

Sun Signs, Moon Signs & Rising Signs

This year I’ve learnt so much about astrology and my chart. Astrology is always something I’ve been interested in, however, I’ve never truly related with my star sign (which is Capricorn) however, when I discovered Moon Signs & Rising Signs everything made so much sense. Although there’s still so much more for me to learn about my chart and about about astrology in general, I’m getting there! I’m no Mystic Meg yet, that’s for sure.

Jacket: New Look, Dress: Primark. Boots: Topshop, Necklace: Daisy London (It makes the perfect Christmas Gift)


I’ve been on the same contraception since I was around 16, so this year I;ve been looking into whether the pill I was on was right for me. Turns out it was really dangerous for me to be on the pill I was on. I suffer with migraines and have done since I was around 8 or so, yet I’ve always been put on a pill that can make migraines work and even lead to strokes. So, this year I changed up my contraception to a different pill that is a little better for me. This year I am planning on educating myself further and potentially going hormone free.


I’ve always enjoyed cleaning, right from when I was 6 and my cousin would pay me 20p to clean her room. Child labour, tut tut tut. However, this year brought ‘Hinching’ to my attention and my love for cleaning has been upped by 100%, to the point that my fave purchase of 2018 was a floor steamer. Such an adult.

Don’t Let People Stop You From Making Changes.

Earlier this year I finally got the balls to get lip fillers. There’s been a few cosmetic changes that I’ve wanted to make on myself pretty much since I was about 13 and I would obsess over getting a nose job. Those feelings are still there, however, after having lip filler, I’ve learnt that small changes can make a big difference. Don’t get me wrong, If you don’t need to make changes to your face, then don’t. However, I’ve felt awful about how I’ve looked pretty much my own life, so If I can make myself feel even a little bit better, than it’s worth it. My Mum wasn’t really keen on me getting lip filler, which I completely understand as every Mother loves their child just how they are, however, it was time for me to do something for myself.

Don’t Cut Your Hair Because You’re Bored

A few months ago I let Vincent cut my hair super short and it made me look like a hard boiled egg. If you’re thinking about cutting you’re hair because you’re having what feels like a mid-life crisis, don’t.

Social Media Can Ruin Your Life

Honestly, social media can be so damaging. In so many ways I love it, social media can be so creative and eye opening and give a voice to those who don’t have it. However, with all the great, has to come the bad. This year I’ve taken the time to unfollow the people who make me feel bad about myself. I don’t have an ‘instagram’ body, face, wardrobe or home, and I’m tired of feeling like I’m not a success because I’m comparing my life to someone else’s. Everyone grows at different paces and you being yourself is so much more that having 100k followers on instagram.

Here’s to being 23, let’s hope it’s a good one!

Until next time x


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