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My Winter Style Staples | M&S Holly’s Must Haves AD

Have no fear, Winter is here! You probably already know by now that Autumn/Winter are my favourite seasons, simply because I feel as though that’s truly the time of year when my personal style blossoms. I completely understand that Winter style isn’t for everyone and so many people out there see wrapping up cosy & warm as ‘ruining an outfit’ however, I think it’s all about the layers and finding your Winter style staples to see you through the season and have you feeling & looking stylish, as well as warm! The stunning Holly Willoughby has launched her must-have items at M&S (or Marks & Sparks if you want to be festive) and honestly, it’s a collection you don’t want to miss this season!

The collection is the epitome of Holly’s style, we’re talking flattering shapes, amazing patterns/colours and of course, comfortable & reasonably priced. The collection is now LIVE on the M&S website and in your local store, so be sure to head down and swoon over it, just as I did!

Now, let’s talk fashion!  

My Favourite Items From The Collection

Holly’s collection is perfect for everyone, the pieces have been perfectly selected and tailored to work so well together. Pretty much all of my favourite items could be worn together to create the perfect capsule wardrobe. There’s nothing better than hacing a few solid wardrobe items that you know will look good, feel good and work well together. It makes getting dressed on those cold, dark morning all the more easier.

I’m a lover of colour, print and mixing modern items with retro styles. The contrast stich skirt is honestly my favourite item in my wardrobe right now, it skims my stomach and pinches me in at the waist and is the perfect item for both your daytime and your evening wardrobe. You can pair it with the cosy striped jumper, for casual weekend strolls or with a the pink blouse if you’re off out for a meal or a work meeting. It’s so easy to put together amazing outfits when you’ve got a handful of items that work so well together.

Pink Blouse, Striped Jumper, Pink Coat, Leopard Print Blouse, Mini Skirt, Circle Bag.

My Winter Style Staples

I’m 100% more of a hoarder than a minimalist. I get really attached to clothes that I love and that have sentimental value, so having a true capsule wardrobe isn’t something I could do. However, I still think it’s so important to have certain pieces in your wardrobe each season, items that aren’t particularly trend-based and than can be worn from time and time again as the years pass by.

  1. A Leather Skirt

You literally cannot go wrong with a leather skirt, whether that be a leather mini skirt or a leather pencil skirt, It’s an item that adds instant SASS to any look with minimal effort. You can wear it with jumpers which is something I really love, as there’s nothing better than being cosy, but still feeling as though you’ve got your style mo-jo there somewhere. If you’re not into leather, any black skirt that you feel is comfortable and flattering is perfect! This A-line contrast mini skirt from Holly’s Must Haves is honestly my new favourite thing. The 60’s A-line shape is SO flattering. It hides any lumps and bumps, which is perfect for this time of year when you’re reaching into the biscuit cupboard multiple times a day… 

2. A Grey Kitted Jumper

Grey is the perfect colour if you want something that can easily be paired with everything. I have a grey knitted jumper from Topshop that I’ve been wearing non stop over the past few months. Grey is just so classy and I’ve even worn it on nights out with a silk bias cut skirt, paired with some statement shoes or ankle boots, you’re good to go with that whole ‘cool girl’ vibe whether you’re off on your works Christmas do, or simply want to dress to impress but still be cosy and warm. 

3. A Black Baker Boy Hat

Baker boy hats are my go-to pretty much all year around. However, in Winter, a Baker Boy Hat is a life saves. I have hair that just doesn’t cope well with cold weather and wind. As soon as I step outside it’s flat and simply looks awful, but if you pop on a Baker Boy Hat you’re bad hair problem is gone. You don’t have to worry about your hair, plus, adding a Baker Boy Hat adds an instant style element. 

4. Anything Leopard Print

My one true love, leopard print! Honestly, I’ve had so stop myself from buying so many leopard printed clothing, I’m turning into Pat Butcher and I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing or not. When I saw this blouse in Holly’s Must Haves, I fell head over heels. It’s not your traditional leopard print, it’s a yellow/mustard spot on a black background, a stylish and modern take on the iconic pattern. The blouse honestly looks so good tucked in a mini skirt (as you can see) or popped over a pair of jeans for a more relaxed look. Even if you’re not a massive fan of leopard print, I really think it’s something that everyone should have a little bit off in their wardrobe, even if it’s just adding an accessory in. Leopard print elevates every outfit! 

If you share my love for Winter style and want to let me know what your wardrobe staples are, I’d love it if you let me know down below! 

Holly’s Must Haves won’t be around for long (mostly because me and my mum have bought everything because we’re OBSESSED) I’d love to know what items you managed to pick up also. 

Until next time x 

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