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The Ultimate Liverpool Pub Crawl

The Ultimate Liverpool Pub Crawl

Who doesn’t love a little pub crawl? Liverpool has some AMAZING Pubs & Bars scattered across that city centre that you’d be a fool not to visit on your trip to Liverpool. From traditional bars with more beer’s on tap than you can ever imagine, to trendy bars that dish up delicious cocktails in mini bathtubs, there’s something for everyone! 

This post is in collaboration with the Excess Baggage Company a service that allows you to leave your suitcases at Liverpool’s Lime Street Station, whilst you discover this amazing city. Personally, I’ve been to a few cities and had to lug around a suitcase, as my hotel checkout is always hours before my train is due to depart. My baggage would get in the way if people, the wheels would get caught on drains and gutters and in all honestly, it was just a huge inconvenient, however, the fact that you can leave for suitcase at your final destination and have it well looked after is a true blessing! 

The Magical Mystery Pub Crawl

After you’ve checked your train times, dropped your luggage off with Excess Baggage Company, you’re good to go and set off on a tour around some of Liverpool”s finest beverage establishments. The places I’ve selected are great to go to whether you’re with your partner, family, friends, or even work colleagues. I’ve selected a series of places that have their own individual quirks, as well as some stunning hotspots and views of Liverpool whilst you walk through the city! So, let’s go…

  1. Doctor Duncan’s

First up, we have Doctor Duncan’s which is a short walk from Lime Street Station and located across the road from St John’s Gardens & just a stones through away from the stunning St. George’s Hall. Doctor Duncan’s is the perfect pub if you’re wanting a good old pint, or a spirit & mixer of your choice and wanting to accompany your drinks with some classic pub grub. Personally, I love pub grub, it’s cheap, cheerful and the perfect way to truly test out a pub!

2. Ex-Directory

If you’re wanting to visit somewhere that’s more of a challenge and truly unique then Ex-Directory is the place for you! Long story short, with Ex-Directory you have to sole a riddle/puzzle in order to get in, there’s a special post box located in the city, in which is actually the entrance to this magical bar. Should you be successful on entering, You’ll be welcomed with a bouje atmosphere and an amazing selection of quirky cocktails that you won’t be able to stop yourself from Instagramming – We all love an insta opportunity, right?

3. McGuffies

Although this bar is slightly a longer walk from the rest, I just couldn’t leave it out. McGuffies is my favourite bar in the entire city. It has such a rich history behind it which truly fascinates me. It’s located on Castle Street, which is such a picturesque street, filled with historic architecture and delicious cafe’s and eateries! The history behind the bar, is that it was once a chemist back in 1795, at the front of the shop, there’s even an old chemist book and a medicine bottle, I just love the story behind the bar and the cocktails are some of the best in the city. There’s no fuss or dry ice or magical explosions, simply good cocktails and an even better atmosphere.

4. Ship & Mitre

Last but certainly not least we have the Ship & Mitre. When I first visited this pub, I rolled my eyes and judge it by it’s cover, I thought it was your average ‘old mans pub’ however, I was very quickly proved wrong. First of all, if you’re a gin lover like myself this place has such an amazing selection of flavoured gins and tonics and the staff are so helpful when it comes to selecting the perfect combination. The atmosphere is lively and there’s an amazing food menu so you can fuel up before you head home.

There’s nothing quite like discovering new places to eat and drink within your own city, and cities that you’re visiting. I’m a massive foodie, so I love visiting new places and eating and drinking just like a local would! If you’re local to Liverpool or have any recommendations that I’ve not mentioned, then please let me know as I’d love to try them out.

Until next time x


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