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MAC Cosmetics Skincare | Tried, Tested, Reviewed.

If there had to me one product that I thought of the second that someone mentioned MAC Cosmetics to me, it would be their lipsticks. From the moment I started earning my own money and getting into makeup, a MAC lipstick was the first thing on my Wishlist! I still remember the day I first bought something from a MAC store. It was a moment that I’d always remember, just like any beauty lover would.

As I’ve matured and grown, MAC have done the same and now the brand isn’t just on my Wishlist for lipsticks and foundation, the brand has broadened its horizons and welcomed in a plethora of new ranges to their collection, a range that particularly caught my eye was their skincare range. The skincare combines achieving a stunning complexion and prepping your skin for make-up application., what more could you really want?

I was very kindly gifted some amazing items from MAC’s skincare range by my local store (Liverpool Metquarter) to put the products to the test and see if MAC skincare lives up to the hype.

Mineralise Skincare Range

You may already be familiar with the Mineralise Makeup range, however, Mac now offer an entire skincare range within this collection. From Face Masks to Cleansers, the collection really does have it all, no matter what your skin-type may be.

I have combination-oily skin, therefore my skin creates a whole load of excess oils and I’m quite prone to breakouts and clogged pores due to this. To tackle this issue, I tend to opt for skincare products that can really draw out any oils and dirt that my skin is holding onto. Products that purify and cleanse are my favourite and these some amazing things to select from within their skincare range.

My favourites so far have got to be the Volcanic Ash Mud Mask, it’s amazing for drawing out only skin impurities and really cleaning out the pores. It’s quickly becoming my go-to facemark for when I really want to give my skin a deep clean and minimise the appearance of my pores.

When it comes to prepping my skin for makeup, I love applying an eye cream both morning and night. Eye cream’s are something that I’d not considered until the past couple of months, but the skin under our eyes is so delicate and thin, it’s so important to take care of them and use the correct products. I’ve been trying the Fast Response Eye Cream over the past few weeks and my under eyes area have never felt so smooth. I feel as though that’s an odd statement to make, but the whole ‘Fast Response’ effect really does work. When I apply concealer nowadays, there’s a noticeable reduction in fine lines and creasing under my eyes. If there’s one item I’d continuously recommend, it would be this!

If you pop into your local MAC store – Mine is the amazing Metquarter in Liverpool – You’ll be able to swatch any of the beauty and skincare products for yourself to see how the products mix with your skin. Especially as products like the Strobe cream have a variety of undertones to match the shade of your skin.

Prep & Prime Range

The Prep & Prime range is one that everyone seems to talk about! Who doesn’t love a bit of Fix Plus? I’ve had a handful of the Prep & Prime products in my collection for a while now and they’ve become such staple items within my makeup routine. The Strobe Cream is something that I’ve adored ever since I purchased it. With having oily skin, a lot of products that I use mattify my skin and take away any shine or glow. However, the Strobe Cream adds some luminance back into my skin and gives me a subtle yet healthy inner glow.

A new product on my Prep & Prime radar is the Natural Radiance Primer in radiant pink. This is similar to the overall effect of my beloved strobe cream, however, it really primes the skin and works so much better underneath my foundation and ensures my makeup stays in place all day long and looks truly radiant!

Overall Opinion

Overall, I’m really impressed with MAC’s skincare and Prep & Prime range. Although they work and in some cases, you get instant results. The products are still kind to your skin. It’s so easy to discover a skincare routine that works for you. Throughout trying the ranges, I’ve discovered some new products that I’ve now added into my everyday skincare routine. I adore the eye-cream and find the effects simply amazing and I’ve loved having some old favourites in my life again such as the Fix Plus Spray and the Strobe Cream, I guess you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

If you’re in Liverpool at any point, or you live here, I strongly suggest you head to the MAC store in The Metquarter and see it all for yourself. The Shopping Centre has also had a massive re-vamp over the past few months and now has so many new shops and attractions (such as the new Everyman Cinema) for you to visit.

Until next time x


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