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Styling ‘That’ Leopard Print Skirt & How I Style Trends With My Current Wardrobe.

Unless you live on mars or under a rock, then I’m sure you’ve seen ‘that’ leopard print skirts that’s been doing the rounds on instagram and in everyday life. Silk Bias Midi Skirts are really the thing right now and although I try and stay clear of trends (simply because ya girl has to look after those pennies) this is a trend that I really love and that really suits my body shape, so obviously I now own 5 silk midi skirts and I regret absolutely nothing.

Sometimes when it comes to an item that everyone seems to have, it can be difficult to style it in a way that matches your personal style. When an item looks so great on someone you follow on Instagram, sometimes it’s difficult not to copy the outfit completely, so I thought I’d share how I’d style a skirt with a little bit of layering and some items that I already had in my wardrobe and wear often, just to show that you don’t need to buy a whole new outfit when it comes to keeping up with a trend.

How I Styled Instagram’s Favourite Skirt…

The weather has been so crazy lately, one day it’s snowing and the next the sun is beaming. I’ve pretty much been wearing all of the layers simply so that I can take garments off if I do get too warm, It’s better to be prepared I suppose. However, layering is a really clever way to be prepared for any weather, but also add a style element to really simple items.

I styled the skirt with a slogan tee layered over a black roll neck jumper – It’s cosy, stylish and simply adds something a little different to your everyday casual wear.

Shop The Look

My Top Tips For Styling Trends

When your brain is constantly hit with new trends, styles and items you ‘need’ in your wardrobe. It’s important to not get in over your head. In this case, I’m probably the last person to speak about having the willpower not to shop, however, I’ve got a few tips that I bring to the table when it comes to not over-doing it when it comes to staying ‘on trend’.

Pair The Item With Your Current Wardrobe

It’s happened more times that I can count, that I’ve fallen in love with a trend that doesn’t really fit in with my wardrobe. It’s always good to try new things and push yourself out your comfort zone, however, is it really necessary when you have to purchase a whole new outfit just so you can incorporate a new trend into your wardrobe? It’s pretty wasteful and results in me buying items that I don’t need, wearing the outfit 1-2 times and then with the blink of an eye, a new trend is on the hughstreet and the cycle starts all over again.

Think About It

It’s SO easy to buy into trends and convince yourself you need it. When in reality, there’s not much you’d style it with in your current wardrobe, or any events that you need the item for. It’s about turning that clothing lust into hard questions such as ‘Do I actually need it?’

I mean, I’m a find one to talk, as if I LOVE something, then I just go for it, despite whether I need it or not, however, I don’t even have to think about it, if I love something and I know I’m going to wear it and get my money’s worth, then I don’t see the issue. The problem is, when fast fashion is constantly thrown down our throats, It’s important to establish what we actually like, not what we see on Instagram.

Try It On In Person

Sometimes, when there’s something you’ve really been lusting after and you can’t stop thinking about it. In those cases, you need to order the item or try it on in store to satisfy your curiosity. 9 times out of 10, the sizing will be off or I will hate how it looks, so I won’t buy it, however, it stops me from searching and lusting, I simply allow the trend to die a death without having to spend money on it.

Create A Style Board

This is something I do when I’m after an item or a trend that is sort of out of my comfort zone. I have so many style boards on Pinterest that I use to gather inspiration, mostly from my current wardrobe, it actually really helps as when I look at the style boards, it will remind me of things that I currently have in my wardrobe that are similar. As well as this, I use style boards to try and see how many ways I can style said item or trend, just so I can see whether it’s worth my investing in.


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