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My S/S ’19 Style Staples

My S/S ’19 Style Staples

It feels as though just yesterday it was Christmas, and with the blink of an eye, we’re deep in Spring and Summer is already on the horizon. I recently did my wardrobe re-shuffle, a little something that I like to do every time the season changes so that I can really utilise the items in my wardrobe that I already own, rather than purchasing new items for no apparent reason. I use my wardrobe re-shuffle as a chance to pin-point my seasonal style staples, so with that said, I thought I’d share some of the items I’m going to be reusing and rewearing throughout the season. 

A Wardrobe Re-Shuffle

In all honesty, I’m a massive clothes hoarder. I’d love to be able to get rid of the vast majority of my wardrobe, however, everything I buy is always something that I love. So things don’t tend to get thrown away unless they remind me of something bad, or they’ve seen better days/ don’t fit me anymore. I think there’s a huge pressure to be a minimalist nowadays, but you can run with the ethics of one without having to compromise what you love and your own ways.

If You Know You’ll Re-wear It Next Season, Keep it!

If there’s a handful of items that I love and know that I will wear next time it’s Autumn/Winter and know that those items won’t be dated in terms of trends, keep ’em! If you’re unsure, try it on, see how it makes you feel and if you’re not too sure, it’s time to part ways and find it a new home!

Storage Boxes Are Your Friend

I have 2 canvas storage boxes from IKEA that I store on the top shelf of my wardrobe, the items inside are the items that are heavily seasonal. For example; Bikini’s, I’m only using them in the Summer or when I go on holiday, therefore they don’t need to take up space in my every-day clothing storage. If there’s items such as chunky jumpers, thick trousers or Christmas Party dresses, I tend to put these away until they’re needed again and if there’s ever a reason where I need them in-between the seasons, I know exactly where they are and I can style them up when needed.

Items I’m Loving Right Now…

  • Statement Blazers 

My blazer collection has been a slow grower over the past few years, I’m really pick with the shape and sizing of them, however, I LOVE how they just top off an outfit so effortlessly. The one I’ve been losing at the moment is from ASOS, I bought it in January, but my goodness has it been such a little gem when it comes to styling outfits. It’s a stunning warm rust/orange colour so it works so well in both Autumn and Spring and will be the perfect item to layer over cute floaty dresses during the Summer. 

  • Quirky Bags 

The easiest and cheapest way to perk up an outfit is by far with a fun ‘quirky’ handbag. The one I’m wearing in the above look is form Primark, I think it was around £10 and I’m honestly obsessed with it. I’ve seen so many bags similar that where really expensive and made of the exact same materials, but so much more expensive. When it comes to trend led bags, I really don’t see the point in breaking the bank for them, but when I laid my eyes on this Primark beauty it was love. 

  • A reliable pair of boots 

Ankle boots are an item that I will never betray. They’re my one true style love. In Winter boots are a staple to tackle the cold weather, however, come Spring/Summer, I think that ankle boots or Dr Martens can add such a cool ‘girl next door’ vibe to your summer dresses. It’s a shoe that you know will transcend into every season. 

  • Flared Trousers 

I’m a huge lover of the 70’s and love incorporating 70’s styles into my looks as often as I can. These check trousers from Nobody’s Child are honestly my new obsession. They look really smart, but they’re so comfortable and look great paired with blazers, dresses and blouses. I absolutely adore Nobody’s Child as a brand and over the past few months, they’ve really become my go-to brand when it come to finding items that I know I’m going to love. 

Blazer: Asos, Boots: Topshop (old), Bag: Primark Trousers: Nobody’s Child, T-shirt: Neon Rose 


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  1. foreverseptember1
    May 22, 2019 / 6:59 PM

    I can’t believe I’d never thought about grabbing some canvas boxes from Ikea and popping heavily seasonal stuff inside, what a genius idea!

    Lucy | Forever September

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