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The Dad Shirt, but Make It Fashion.

The Dad Shirt, but Make It Fashion.

Your dad called, he wants his shirt back. In all seriousness though, when my boyfriend saw this (amazing) shirt from Nobody’s Child, he said I looked like a Mafia Boss on his day off. Me being me, obviously took that as a compliment. All jokes and comparisons aside, it seems as though ‘Dad’ style is the new thing and although I’m really not here for the chunky trainers and peddle pusher shorts, I’m definitely here for the bowling style shirts and awkwardly clashing patterns. 

Being in the Instagram generation, where pretty much everything you buy has to be on trend, I secretly love that these really ugly, un-trendy and a little bit cringe items are now the latest trend. Admittedly, the dad trend isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I mean, there’s still certain items I’m not 100% sure on myself, but I do always like to give everything a go. So, with that said, I thought I’d share some unique ways to style the dad trend and some of the bloggers who are nailing the trend at the moment. I’ll give credit where credit is due, after all. 

Alternative Ways To Dress Like Your Dad…

It’s time to get your bowling shirts out and your bumbags, it’s time to start dressing like an 80’s tourist in Florida. Socks and sandals, not included… 

The Smart/Casual Dad 

When you’ve got drinks with the girls at 12, but a marathon at 1 Dad

Bowling Pro Dad 

Billy Ray Cyrus Dad 


Top – Nobody’s Child*, Jeans – Levi, Boots – Topshop

My ‘Dad Style’ Muses

As you can tell by my muses, I’m not keen on going full throttle 80’s dad, however I do like to dip my toes into the trend. Whether it be with an oversized blazer or a spot of double denim, I think it’s a trend that we can all take part in without overdoing it. 

Chloe and Emma are two of my fave instagrammers, and although their styles don’t revolve around the whole ‘Dad’ trend, I really admire how they test and try each trend out there in their own ways. Don’t get me wrong, there’s 100% other people out there tat take the trend by the horns and completely roll with it, but these two really showed me how I could try the trend for myself. 



  1. foreverseptember1
    June 3, 2019 / 5:41 PM

    I love the way you’ve styled this and I also love the ‘dad’ shirt trend!

    Lucy | Forever September

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