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A Peek Inside My New Home!

A Peek Inside My New Home!

Since moving into my first owned home at the end of July, the majority of my brain has been completely occupied on making the space feel like a home and as though I belong there. I’m a person who is highly affected by their surroundings, so ensuring I was completely involve with everything was quite high on my priority life. I’m really annoying, as whenever I move into a new property, I will work night and day to to get the boxes unpacked and everything have a place. I just find being organised relaxing and waking up and opening my eyes to a home that I love every inch of is so important. 

I don’t want to go too overboard with sharing the interiors, as there’s aspects of some rooms that aren’t exactly how I want them just yet and in a lot of the rooms, I’ve got big plans to paint them, however, with a new build home, you can’t decorate properly until the settling period is over, as wallpaper and paint can crack/move as the house settles into the foundations. Which, if you’re like me and you want everything sorted yesterday, it can be a little bit frustrating. I’m actually enjoying planning each room though and allowing each room to have a slightly different vibe to it. I love my colour, however in the flats that I’ve rented previously, everything has always had to match due to the open plan nature of the apartments. But with the house having sectioned rooms, it means that I can let my creative flair on the loose. 

I’ve been loving searching vintage/second hand stores and looking at retro furniture on eBay, just as I really want to make the space the epitome of my personality. I’ve found some AH-MAZING pieces on eBay and for such a good price! Just goes to show that you don’t always have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a piece of furniture to add style and storage into your home. 

One of our biggest purchases so far has been our Kitchen Table. All of the places we’ve lift before buying, have been too small to have a dining area, so I’ve been eating my food off my lap on the sofa for the ridiculous amount of time. So, the second I knew we’d have space for a dining table, It became a high priority on the purchase list. I’m so excited to have somewhere where I can sit down with friends and family and have a catch-up over a cuppa. You know, normal things you should do at home… 

Keep your eyes peeled for more interior content over on my home instagram @blushandnoisehome  I can’t wait to give you full room tours once the house in looking tip-top! 

Until next time x 



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