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The Dreamiest Day-To-Night Dress

The Dreamiest Day-To-Night Dress

It’s so important to have a wardrobe that is transitional from Day to Night, as well as from Season to Season. The majority of the time I head out on the town, it’s usually fairly spontaneous. So having certain pieces in my wardrobe that can effortlessly be switched up and styled for different occasions, is so important. 

When I was younger, I’d always buy separate clothing for nights out, and literally always buy something new when I had a night out planned with my pals. But as an adult, I do really like to have a wardrobe of items that I absolutely love and I know that I can count on no matter what he situation may be. 

When I saw this Dress in Miss Selfridge, I just knew that it would be one of ‘those’ dresses. You know, the ones that you have in your wardrobe for an eternity and can style in so many different ways, but at the same time, it’s still special. 

For me personally, leopard print is a neutral. It’s the same as wear Black to me, it goes with pretty much everything. I’m completely aware that for some, Leopard print can be bordering on your comfort zone (and being very Pat Butcher-esque) but bare with me here, I have a theory. 

Classic Leopard print combines neutrals and black, so you can wear it with tights in the winter and it doesn’t look too crazy because you have black with in the print. You can style it with Pink & Red for an additional pop of colour, PLUS it looks amazing with a denim jacket during the Summer. There’s really not a season that leopard print isn’t a serious contender for me. 

Daytime Styling…

The thing about Tea Dresses is that you can style them for the daytime SO easily. I love wearing cute, girly dresses, with items that are less cute. So converse or my trusted Doc Martens for example. They just help to add a slightly more ‘edgy’ vibe to a somewhat otherwise girly item. For the daytime look, I’d layer with a thin black roll neck under the dress, simply because my body is that of an 80 year old and I’m always cold and or wearing some sort of knitwear. Chuck on some Converse, a classic Baker Boy Hat and a cute lil bag and you’re good to go! If this isn’t quite your vibe though, a leather jacket and some Doc Martens are also a dreamy combination.

Day-to-Night Drinking With The Girls.

Whenever I meet my gal-pals for a cocktail and a catch-up, I want to take my day-to-day look up a notch. You know, just in case you get a bit too tipsy and end up turning the day time cocktails into dancing until dusk. What can I say, I like to be prepared. 

So a statement handbag and some snazzy boots will take you from bar to dance floor without feeling too uncomfortable. 


It’s not very often that I go out-out. Whenever I’m out of an evening, it’s usually off the cuff and wearing whatever, basically because the bars that we go to aren’t overly fancy or dressy. But, on the odd occasion that it’s someones birthday or we have reason to go all out and celebrate, it’s always good to have go-to items for when you’re going out-out and want to pull out all the stops.

Until next time x



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