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Last Minute Party Dressing For The Comfort Savvy

Last Minute Party Dressing For The Comfort Savvy

Comfort is key no matter what the occasion may be and when it comes to a night out or anything of that sort, I’m all about staying comfortable – mostly so I can dance with no regret – But if you’re like me and panic at the mention of a party because your wardrobe is NOT prepared for that type of occasion, I’ve got your back. 

When it come to party dressing at this time of year, the occasion and you personal style are two of the key points to consider. If you’re going for a family dinner and it’s slightly more prim and proper in comparison to a night out with your pals, you’re not going to wear anything that your grandma will raise an eyebrow at, but in all honestly whenever I wear anything ‘too’ short, my nan usually begins to reminisce about her short dress days back in the 60’s. But you get what I mean, the etiquette can be slightly different when it comes to how you dress around your family and friends. However, what If I told you that there was a way to have the best of both worlds and that there’s unfits out there that can take you from Dinner Table to Disco in no time at all. 

Dress Is sold out but similar: here

LBD? Yes please.

Its true that you can’t quite beat the OG party dress that is the LBD. Everyone looks good in black, no matter what your skin tone may be, hair colour, eye colours, none of that matters when it comes to a LBD. When you find ‘the one’ you’re pretty much good to go for any evening-do.

Everyone will have different criteria to tick off when it comes to finding the perfect little black dress, but for me, I like a dress that has a little ‘something something’ whether that be a ruffle, a touch of sparkle or a mesh detail, when it comes to party dressing, I still like to have a little bit of fun, but keep it fairly simple when it comes to the colour combinations and shapes.

The dress I’m wearing is form Miss Selfridge and it’s perfect for both Dinner’s and Parties as the bottom half is fairly floaty, so that food baby from filling your boots with aaaallll the carbs this party season won’t be an issue.

Here’s some of my fave Little Black Dresses this Party Season…

the Party Wear Checklist

Show Stopper Boots

I’d choose heeled boots over heels any day when it comes to picking a shoe for a night out. If people spill a drink, you’re feet don’t get wet, plus they’re just more comfortable and sturdy in general. When it comes to an occasion boot, this is your chance to pull out all the stops in my eyes. Go for a bold colour, print or even an unusual heel detail. If you’re keeping the overall look muted and black, why not add a bit of fun into the look with your footwear?

Hair Acsessories

You’ll all know by now that I’m a major hat lover. For my everyday outfits, I have a hat for every possible look. But for an evening occasion, hats just aren’t that appropriate, so I love opting for a cute headband or hair clip instead. I wear my hair in the same style pretty much everyday, no matter what the occasion may be, so. adding a sparkly accessory just adds a point of interest and makes it look like I’ve put more effort in. Plus, if you’re dancing all night and don’t want your hair in your face, you can use the headband, clip to put it all out the way so you can bust a move or two.

A VERSATILE (yet practicaL) baG

Okay, the mini bag trend. It’s cute, it’s different but oh my christ (Yes that’s a Gavin & Stacey reference) they’re SO impractical. On a night out, I want to have all the odds and ends I need to survive. We’re talking phone, keys, purse, lipstick and some indigestion tablets. That’s not going too fit in a bag the size of a 2p coin now, is it? My favourite style of bag for a night out is the whole bucket bag/ beaded bag trend. It’s cute, a little different and you can actually fit everything you need inside it without having to stuff your belongings into your bra (We’ve all been there, ladies)

Patterend Tights

These ASOS Polka Dot tights are probably my most asked about item on my instagram right now. Everyone and their Mum loves these tights. In all honesty, I didn’t think I was doing anything groundbreaking when I wore them. I just didn’t want to bare my pale legs to the icy winds, but didn’t want to wear ‘proper’ tights. I think patterned tights are the perfect way to add something fun to the outfit and just add a bit of personality to it. Especially if you’re like me and don’t have the time of energy to fake tan (or the skills tbh)

Until next time


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