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New Brand On My Radar: Emily & Finn

New Brand On My Radar: Emily & Finn

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new brand that is right up your street, right? I feel as though sometimes, we can get so stuck in checking the same websites and stores and feeling uninspired by the hughstreet. However, I’ve discovered a new brand that’s answered my prayers and filled a big old gap in my Autumn / Winter wardrobe. 

In all honesty, this year I’ve really cut down on my spending, especially considering I’ve bought a house. But with all of the scrimping and saving, I’ve found that I’ve actually become really picky when it comes to buying clothes (my boyfriend will probably beg to differ) however, discovering new brands just hasn’t been a priority, well, until Emily & Finn popped into my inbox, letting me know that they’d like to gift me some items from their Autumn/Winter collection. 

say Hello To Emily & Finn.

Despite only recently descovering the brand, it all began back in 2002 and they began trading at Portobello Road Market in London – Which is super cute!

The Brands values are really in-tune with what I’ve been searching for over the past few years, a brand that runs outside the fast-fashion circle. However, their collections are stylish, wearable and perfect for a wide range of ages and body shapes, which is great if you want to really invest in some staple items in your wardrobe for over the years.

My First Impression

When I got that initial email, I was very intrigued by the branding and the website from the get-go. However, when I looked at the collection, my expectations where elevated even higher. The first thing that caught my eye was the colour story and patterns used throughout the clothing. We’re not talking your standard neutrals. We’re talking BRIGHT pink trousers and garments covered in Kitsch lipstick print patterns. 

A lot of the patterns vary in garment design and fit, so if you like a pattern, there’s most probably going to be the perfect clothing item to fit with your style and your body shape. I think that’s an amazing little feature that the brand has, as the majority of the time, I will love the colour or the pattern of an item, but the style of the item just isn’t right for me. So, Emily & Finn have made it so much easier to find the perfect item for you. 


Emily & Finn very kindly sent me some items of my choice, to see what I thought and to feature in one of my looks on my instagram, I haven’t been asked to write a blog post, however, I was that impressed that I wanted to spread the word about it all as much as I could. First up, let’s just have a moment of appreciation to the AMAZING bright pink, cord kick flare trousers. They fit so well and skim over any lumps and bumps and nip you in at the waist. I got mine in a size 8 and the sizing is generous, so I’d deffo go with your normal size, especially if you’re like me and like to tuck things in, sometimes that little bit of extra space around the waist is great for ‘tucking in room.’ 

The pattered roll neck matches perfectly with the trousers. I think mixing 2 statement colours together can sometimes be a risk, but personally I love the pink and green combination. The colours within the tops pattern also means that you can pair it with some many different items and colours and it still looks great .

Until next time


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