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My 2020 Goals & Did I Achieve My 2019 Goals?

My 2020 Goals & Did I Achieve My 2019 Goals?

Happy New Year you lovely lot! We made it through another year and another decade! For my, everyday can be a new beginning, however, a new year and a new decade means that I’m feeling even more optimistic and determined to set myself some goals for the next year, as well as reflecting upon 2019 and focusing on what I’ve achieved throughout the year. 

With that said, I always like to share my goals, thoughts and opinions with you all, that’s what a blog is for right? I feel as though putting my goals and positivity out into the world can only result in me feeling focused in achieving them throughout the year. But first, let’s start with some of my 2019 highlights. 

My 2019 Highlights

  • We Bought A House!

Out of everything I could have achieved last year, I’d never thought I would be buying my first home. There was so many obstacles and difficulties at the start of 2019, I honestly though the last thing I would be doing was owning a home. Although the mortgage process was stressful and made me cry a hell of a lot, I’m so happy I ploughed through it and got there in the end. I’m going to get a blog post sorted about the house buying process, in the hope that it helps anyone out who was in the same situation as me.

  • I Have a Job that I Love

The biggest thing to happen this year that’s had such a positive knock on effect on my mental health and overall wellbeing is working in a job that I feel appreciated. At the start of 2019, I was un-employed and although no job is perfect, it’s so refreshing to have a job that I’m proud of and to have bosses/employers that want to see you develop and grow within the company.

  • New Friends & New Beginnings

I spoke about my difficulties with friendship this year in my ‘What I’ve Learnt In 2019’ blog post and so many people messages me on Twitter & Instagram saying that they’d been in similar situations or are going through the same thing too. So to anyone who have lost friends through whatever circumstances, just know that it gets better and if there’s anything you can take out of it all, you’ll find friends that support and understand you eventually.

Did I Achieve My 2019 Goals?


This year I started attending PT sessions as I was sick and tired of feeling awful about my body and just they way I looked in general. I was at the point where I was repulsed my what I looked like and although I still feel that way to a certain degree, I’ve made the first step in feeling at home with the body that I have and I plan on moving further into this journey in 2019. 


2018 was a year of feeling as though I wasn’t good enough and wasn’t growing in terms of work. This year I want to end the year feeling appreciated and as though the hard work that I do day in and day out is worth it. There’s so many personal projects that I want to work on this year that will express my creativity and my work ethic, because let’s be real, since the day I was able to have a job, I’ve worked so hard to get where I am today, from college, to university through shitty jobs, I need to get it into my head that I deserve to be where I am, because I really am my own worst enemy. 


I feel as though no-one really talks about their money on the internet and their struggles regarding it. However, I’m in debt. There’s been a lot of things I’ve had to pay out for this year and with that, I like buying shit I don’t need in order to make my self feel good for a grand total of 5 minutes. This year I’m paying off my overdraft, paying back the money I owe to my Mum and saving FO REAL. Debt is nothing to be ashamed of and society makes out as though you’re literally satan if you have debt, but guess what, life happens and everything costs too much, so I’m just going to blame it on Brexit.

was I kind to my body?

Yes and no. I started off the year feeling so positive and ready to kick some butt in the gym. But after going through some tough times, it began to be less of a priority. However, I take daily vitamins and focus on my mental health in order to have a positive effect on my physical health to. I’ve attempted to make peace with my body and love it for al its flaws too.

Did I Continue To Work Hard?

Working hard is one of the things that I truly believe I’ve achieved in 2019. I now have a job that I love and have been recognised for my hard work. On top of all of that, I’ve worked goddamn hard on my blog and instagram this year. I’ve achieved things I’d NEVER thought I’d achieve through my blog, from being able to be paid to travel and attend events, to working with some amazing brands that I’ve always adored. I hope 2020 shows more of this and my hard work continues to pay off!

Did I get Out Of Debt?

I’ve worked hard this year in paying off as much debt as possible. Although I’ve not paid it all off, I’m in a good place with it all. I was able to get a mortgage for my dream first house and I feel as though I’ve really worked hard on nipping my spending habits in the bud. I’ve stopped buying things for the sake of it and If I do spend, it’s once all of my bills and payments that are essential have left my account.

My 2020 Goals

Get Back Into Fitness (PT & Running Once a Week)

Although I’ve taken steps into this throughout 2019, It’s something I really want to find my mojo for in 2020. I want to look at photos of myself and not pick myself a part and focus on my insecurities. I’m going to find my passion for it all again and begin to get back into shape in time for my sisters wedding, but most importantly for the sake of myself. On January 3rd, I’m starting back with a personal trainer and going to cut out fizzy drinks and sugar (I’m a big sweet tooth) and hopefully this time next year I will feel in such a better place.

Get More Facials

I’m fully aware that this probably sounds like such a copout goal for this year, however, my skin is SO stress prone and I’d love to get my skin in a place where I feel confident and beautiful both with and without makeup. I’ve been doing some reading on the results of regular facials and I think If I was to get one at least once a month and focus on calming my skin and unclogging pores, I think I could have my dream skin in no time!

Love More

I’ve been hurt a lot of the past couple of years and I really do think it’s resulted in me being more closed. off towards people and only trusting a handful of people. This year, I want to open back up and as cheesy as it sounds, I want to radiate as much love and positivity as possible throughout 2020 and the next decade.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2020 and I’m so happy that you’re sticking around for another year on Blush & Noise! Let’s hope it’s a good one!


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  1. January 4, 2020 / 12:58 PM

    This is such a great post! I shared many goals as you last year, mainly to get out of debt and look after my body better. I began PT sessions but had to stop due to unfortunate circumstances, so I’m looking forward to picking it all up again next year! What you said about friendship really rang true to me – I’ve been someone who has always struggled to nurture friendships and it’s my goal this year to try and change that mindset – but it’s refreshing to read that I’m not alone in feeling this way x

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