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3 Date Night Looks For The Girls' Who Don't Like Dressing Up

3 Date Night Looks For The Girls' Who Don't Like Dressing Up

Valentines Day is just a few days away, and whether you’ve got a date, or you’re heading out with your pals, the pressure to dress up to the nines is always there. Although dressing up is fun and all, sometimes I just don’t feel like myself when I’m overly dressed, I feel like I’m trying to be someone and I’m not and it results in me just feeling overly uncomfortable and paranoid. It took me a good while of going out-out and dating to realise that dressing how you feel comfortable is one of the most important things. You want to feel yourself and be yourself when you’re in those situations, so I thought I’d share some ideas on some more comfortable and wearable date night outfits, just in-case you’re panicking last minute – I’ve got your back! 

Look 1: A touch of leopard print

You all probably know by now that I love leopard print and went through a stage where when I saw something leopard print, I’d have to buy it. I was obsessed. 

Now that obsession is a lot more muted, however, I still love the print and think it’s super versatile and easy to wear no matter what the occasion may be. I’ve paired it with a super cosy jumper which was ever so kindly gifted from Sezane, it’s comfortable, not too thick and tucks in perfectly to skirts and jeans. I’ve paired it with this silk skirt which was also gifted from Nobody’s Child. Skirts like this are a staple item in my wardrobe. They can be worn with T-shirts and roll neck jumpers or even with floaty tops or crop tops during the Summer. It’s basically the perfect skirt for any season or occasion. I’ve then paired my trusted ASOS boots, that honestly haven’t left my feet in so long and some cute accessories to make it feel slightly more casual and dressed down. 

Look 2: Dressed down glam

‘Full on’ Glam is 100% out of my comfort zone, as I said earlier, I just don’t feel comfortable or myself what-so-ever. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like adding elements of glam into my outfits. If you’re the same and like to balance comfort with glamour.

We’re talking ‘Jeans With a Nice Top’ but something a little bit extra. You’ve got your drama date night top and those pair of jeans that you feel amazing in, with a sassy (but comfortable) pair of heels and what I like to call a pimp-daddy coat over the top. It’s effortless but it’s still glamorous. You’ll. still be warm on these crisp winter evenings, but you’re also wearing the items in your wardrobe that make you feel and of course, look great! After all, confidence is key!

Look 3: Retro Vibes

There was no doubt about it that some sort of retro inspired look would be involved within this. A pair of flares or a statement piece of denim has always been my go-to and I think the 70’s style shapes are really flattering and sexy on my body shape.

For this look, we’re channeling all those Jackie from ‘That’s So 70’s Show’ vibes. A cute tee, some adorable hair clips and some killer denim to give off that effortless girl next door vibe. Whenever I go out, I’m always drawn to those effortless vibes, it gives off the impression that you don’t care all that much, but really, you probably care way more than you should (don’t worry, I’m the same)

I hope this quick little post gives you some inspiration! 
Until next time x 


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  1. March 6, 2020 / 6:26 PM

    Great post idea, I love your skirt! X


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