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How To Step Out Of Your Style Comfort Zone

How To Step Out Of Your Style Comfort Zone

We’re all guilty of get way to comfortable in our comfort zone. Whether that’s in a job, friendships or even in he food that you eat. Sometimes, it can seem daunting coming out of your comfort zone and trying something different or welcoming in disappointment or anxiety. However, if you never try, you’ll never know. I’ve spoken a lot about personal style and feeling authentically myself in what I wear, but sometimes, there’s certain trends/ styles that just aren’t in my comfort zone and the fear of looking like a complete nit-wit is what makes me not push my style boundaries. 

For some people, they stick wearing the same thing, whether it be jeans and a t-shirt or baggy clothing, we know what makes us feel comfortable. Sometimes that’s great to have staple items in you wardrobe, even if you’re adventurous with your style, you’ll always have your go-to pieces that are completely foolproof. So, how do you step out of your comfort zone and feeling confident in trying something new? (because believe me, it can be nerve-wrecking) There’s no definite answer, however, here’s some tips & tricks that I commonly do when I’m wanting to test something new and step out of my style comfort zone. 

Clear your mind

Overthinking what I’m wearing is something that I did a hell of a lot when I was a young teenager. It’s easy to be trapped by your own mind and thoughts and even when we try something new and can see that it looks good, it’s always those creeping thoughts that will prevent us from going the whole way with being pushed out of our comfort zone.

Whenever I’m wanting to venture into something new, I find that I have so many ideas and thoughts running around my head, that it feels a lot more overwhelming than it actually is.

I think the best way to get your ‘vision’ to become slightly clearer is to create a visual representation of what you want. Whether that be saving some instagram style inspiration, or creating a Style Pinterest board, it will give you a visual pin point of what you want and it’s something you can refer back to when getting dressed or treating yourself to something new.

The Fitting Room Is Your Friend

Whenever I’m out shopping, I usually avoid the fitting rooms at all costs. I find them uncomfortable and a little awkward if I’m honest. However, this means that I very rarely try something new when I’m out shopping. I go for items that I’m comfortable in and would know my size for, because I would be purchasing the item before trying it on, and returning things to the store is something I always forgot to do.

If there’s a style or trend that’s turned your head but you’re not 100% sure. Take a trip into said store and try the item on in there. You don’t have to have any intention of buying it, but it’s a case of getting used to seeing yourself in different items of clothing that you usually wouldn’t/ Even if it’s something completely crazy, just give it a go, what have you go to lose really?

Hat: New Look, Jacket: New Look, Jeans: New Look, Boots: Miss Selfridge (sold out) Top: New Look

(New look items gifted from a previous paid partnership)

start off subtle

Just because you’re changing stuff up within your wardrobe, doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and change everything all at once. For example, if you’re wanting to get into wearing more colour or patterns, or anything on those lines, begin to add the pattern / colour into your wardrobe subtly. For example, if it’s Leopard Print, start off with a bag, or headband or even pair of ankle boots, just to slowly introduce it into your wardrobe and of course, for you to begin to feel comfortable.

If You Nevr Try, You’ll Never Know

This is more of a statement rather than a tip. My style isn’t necessarily crazy or ‘out there’ but the amount of times I get comments on instagram saying ‘I wish I could wear that jacket’ or ‘I wish I suited this style’ is somewhat often. I obviously wasn’t born with the fashion confidence that I do now, I do a lot of these steps of just trying things to see whether they suit me or not. At the end of the day, however you want to express yourself is for you and nobody else. Try things and have fun with it, that’s what fashion and personal style is all about!

Until next time x


1 Comment

  1. February 4, 2020 / 3:59 PM

    I used to be wary about stepping out of my comfort zone style-wise. Now I’ve gotten to a point that if I like it, I’ll wear it, regardless of what others think! I love all of the points you’ve made, in particular the last one, if you never try, you’ll never know! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

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