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My Ultimate Stay At Home Playlist

My Ultimate Stay At Home Playlist

I’m now a solid 7 weeks into quarantine / self isolation / lockdown, whatever the kids are calling it nowadays. Although we’re all attempting to navigate and adapt to ‘the new normal’ with that, it’s important to have a few things to help you along the way. Whether that be taking a long bath each day to help you mind unwind, or whacking on the playlists of all playlists and dancing like nobody’s watching in the kitchen – Or at-least I really bloody hope that nobody is watching, nobody wants to see my kitchen dances.

Whilst working from home, I’ve been progressively making a playlist to give me that ‘get up and go’ attitude that I 100% do not have and to make my work days a little bit more entertaining and less stare crazy. After about 4 weeks of adding songs of different areas, various moods and of course, those cheesy hits that you can’t help but sing loudly to and then you realise it’s been 2 hours and your windows have been wide open the whole time. What I’m trying to get at, is just having a playlist that is that jam packed with everything, it’s quite difficult to get bored.

My favourites stay at home tunes

  • Ralphie – Post Animal 
    If you’re into Tame Impala & Pond, then you’ll certainly be into Post Animal. I love and listen to their music all year round, but during Summer, it just hits different, you know? They’re a band who I can listen to all day without even realising an entire day has past me by. 
  • Golden – Harry Styles 
    Since Covid-19 has cancelled pretty much everything I had planned this year. Within all of that, was my Harry Styles gig. Harry’s music is so unique and I love the stories and emotions that each song portrays. Golden is my current fave on the Fine Line album, although it pretty much changes every few weeks at the moment 
  • My Sweet Lord – George Harrison 
    I’m very open about George Harrison being my favourite Beatle. Nothing can change that and nothing ever has. Although each Beatle is great in their own way, Harrison’s solo albums are just in another realm for me. ‘My Sweet Lord’ is one of my all time favourite songs and I fully intend to play it on my Wedding, Funeral and any occasion in-between. 
  • Champagne Coat – Blood Orange 
    For any chilled out situation, Blood Orange is my go to. This is one of those songs that whenever I listen to it, it’s stuck in my head for a solid 8 days. 
  • Summer Girl – Haim 
    Since we’ve been graced with some glorious sunshine for a change,  this song has honestly just been hitting the spot when I’ve been sitting in the garden and working. Although I’m sat with my laptop under a blanket because it’s too bright for me to actually see anything. I still get those relaxing vibes, even if they only last for a few minutes because I end up getting fed up with the faff of it all. 
  • San Francisco – Foxygen 
    Foxgen are another brilliant band that just fit perfectly with Summertime and the sunshine. They’re truly heavenly to listen to both enjoying the sunshine and sitting in the bath wondering what the hell you’re going with your life and when will bloody lockdown end. 
  • Dean Town – Vulfpeck 
    Anything Vulfpeck is always a good time if we’re being honest here. This song is on here purely because I seen a brilliant cover of it on Facebook the other day, where the band (KONL) have made their own rendition about washing your hands, it’s brilliant! They’re also raising money for Macmillian cancer support, so here’s the link to their video! (view video

Stay groovy x


1 Comment

  1. Erin Grace
    April 23, 2020 / 8:36 AM

    Love the playlist, there are already so many of my faves on there so it’s going to be a good listen! My Harry Styles concert was cancelled too so I’ve been making that up by listening to his album a lot, Golden is also one of my favourite songs from Fine Line! Fab idea and I absolutely love your photos x

    Erin / Everything Erin

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