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New-In Homeware

New-In Homeware

Since I’ve been spending more time than ever imagined at home, we’ve take the time to get some odd bits and bobs in order throughout the house and garden, to get it Summer ready and to just do all of the not-so-important jobs that have been on my to-do list for sometime. 

It’s crazy to think come the end of July, I’ve been a homeowner for a year! Time has absolutely flown by and although it’s been a stressful year, it’s been amazing to see the house change and become our own. Although there’s still so many things I want to do, and so many walls I want to paint and decorate, I’m so happy with my little home and although it sounds cheesy, sometimes when I walk into the house, all I do is smile because I honestly love it so much! (i’m so lame, I know..) 

Vinyl Shelves 

Our living room is obviously the room that we spend the most time in, however, it’s the room that I’m the most indecisive with. When we first moved in, I wanted to pain it all a really dark navy blue (Hauge Blue by Farrow & Ball to be exact) however, as time goes on, I’m loving the more bohemian, chilled vibe for the living room, so until I’ve fully decided on what I want to do, there will be no painting for the foreseeable. Until then though, I wanted to add some colour and interest into the walls without using prints (we already have a print wall in the living room, so I didn’t want to over do it.) I found these wooden vinyl shelves at The Vinyl Wall and I just knew they would be the perfect addition to our living room and in creating a space that just feels so relaxed and laid back. 

70’s teak record legs

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that my prize possession is my original 1950’s Dansette record player that I got for Christmas when I was 16. Since then, the record player has been placed on different tables as we’ve moved into apartments etc, however I was never really satisfied with any tables that we had as the record player is indeed very hefty! Since I’ve had some extra time on my hands, I decided to take to eBay and find some 70’s teak legs to add to the record player, and luckily I found some for just £20! With the Dansette record players, they have attachments underneath where you can add legs, so it was a super easy DIY and honestly has made the biggest difference in our living room! I love it!

Plant Shelf & Plant pot

Since I’m currently going for a boho vibe in the living room, when I saw this Rattan Cane Plant Shelf on Oliver Bonas I just had to snap it up as I knew it would be perfect for the style I wanted to go for.

I also wanted a new plant pot, not going to lie, I did not need another plant or a plant pot, but I wanted a plant that was small, but that would grow and hang nicely from the shelf, so I picked up this plant & STUNNING plant pot which just adds a lovely pop of colour and the design and detail of the plant pot just works so well. They’re both from Beards & Daisies, I get the majority of my plants from them or Root Houseplants in case you wondered!

Kitchen Shelving

Once again, the kitchen/ dining area is a space that I’m not fully sure what to do with or what colour to paint it etc. So for now… SHELVES! That’s what your suppose to do when you don’t really know what to do, right? Adding these rustic shelves (from Amazon) to the kitchen has really transformed the blank wall in the kitchen and given us some additional storage space for our jars & tea pots (yes I’m 84) The beautiful Tea Pot was ever so kindly gifted from Sara Miller London and it’s the most beautiful tea-pot I’ve ever seen! Sara Miller is a new brand on my radar, however, I’m so in love with all the little trinkets and homeware items for the kitchen, they’re so unique and have a real vintage/ retro vibe to them, which is of course, right up my street! I was also kindly gifted a stunning dining set, which when I showed you guys it on my instagram, I had so many messages about, so here’s the link to the Celestial Dinner Plate Set

What’s your favourite homeware item or brand right now, I’d love to know! 

Stay Groovy x 


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  1. foreverseptember1
    June 1, 2020 / 6:48 PM

    I loove the vinyl shelves, such a good way to display them rather than them being in a box!

    Lucy | Forever September

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