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The Summer Dress Hit-List 2020

The Summer Dress Hit-List 2020

We’ve had some really amazing weather in the UK recently, despite the fact that as I’m writing this, it’s rainy and grey outside, but let’s just pretend that it’s a glorious sunny day, okay? Anywho, with the sun making an occasional appearance, I’ve been treating myself to some new summer dresses to add something new and fresh to my Summer wardrobe, as some of my clothes from last year are more holiday-appropriate than chilling in the garden and going to the park appropriate, you know? I’ve pretty much being buying dresses online and just wishing that at some point I will have an occasion to wear it. 

So, since I’ve been spending all my spare time searching for the perfect Summer dresses that are British Summer appropriate, I thought I’d share some that I’ve purchased and been loving and some that I’ve got my needy little eyes on, but attempting to have all the restraint before my bank account actually slaps me American Soap Opera style. 


Obviously, It goes to show that I love retro / floral patterned dresses during the Summer. I actually didn’t fully realise this until I put that above collage together, however, looking in my wardrobe and my online wishlists, It seems as though I’m a complete sucker for them! When it comes to what I look for when I’m searching for a Summer dress, I like something with a bit of detail around the sleeves, or a square neckline, I find them the most flattering on my petite frame. I also don’t really like showing my arms too much, so I find dresses with floaty or puffy sleeves so flattering and comfortable. 

So, here’s some of the summer dresses I’m loving & lusting over right now… 

Summer Dresses for Everyday

Summer Evening Dresses

For Cooler summer Days

Stay Groovy x


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