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This Month On Film: July 2020

This Month On Film: July 2020

I feel as though I’ve said it a thousands and one times, but 2020 has been a year…and it’s not even over with yet. However, in the attempt to look at the good things within a bad situation, I’ve decided to start documenting those special moments, no matter how little they may be. From going on a coffee date with friends or just walking around the city I live in. I’ve been snapping pictures on my 35mm film point and shoot camera to look back at the best points of each month and have memories to treasure, from a crazy, crazy year. 

July has been been a strange month, but one that has begun to feel more ‘normal’ (even though I’m not entirely sure what normal is anymore) but, I feel as though I learnt a lot about myself and just how important the people around me currently are. The majority of the time, we go through life by following a routine and not really stopping to take in the view, that view may be small, or a view that only you can see, but it’s a view nonetheless. For a week or two in July, I had a bit of a shitty mental health ‘hiccup’ where I just wasn’t feeling it and spent about 2 days constantly crying (so cool, I know!) Usually at these times, I feel as though I don’t really have anyone to go to, but this time, I had people who where there to listen to me moan, overthink and simply cry. They where my logic, I’ve never really had that in friends before. it’s always been my Mum or my boyfriend, but sometimes, it makes the world of a difference to have friends that are there to be your shoulder to cry on, even when they’re going through their own shit too. 

So, here’s some snippets of July 2020, I’m not too sure how I’m going to structure these in months to come, whether I should write about those moments, or just a short month overview, but I’d love to know what you think! 


Stay Groovy x


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