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How To Spend 24 hrs In Liverpool | #LoveYourLiverpool

How To Spend 24 hrs In Liverpool | #LoveYourLiverpool
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It goes without saying that although I’m a Liverpool local, I will forever be a tourist in my own city. There’s just so much to do and see, I don’t think I could ever get bored of seeing the sights, exploring the local cafes and of course, just the Liverpool culture in general. Although things are very different due to COVID-19, the city still has a buzz about it and despite it all, we’re making the most of what we can offer to locals and to any tourists given the circumstances.  

A few weeks back, the lovely guys at Visit Liverpool treated Vincent and I to a day of tourist fun in Liverpool. We lost ourselves in museums, filled up on amazing food and cocktails and of course, enjoyed the beautiful sites that liverpool has to offer. 


The British Music Experience

There’s no doubt about it that Liverpool is known for its amazing music heritage and the British Music Experience celebrates that as well as all of the amazing musicians to come from Britain and beyond.

Without giving too much away, (as I think with a museum, it’s best to experience it all for yourself) the tour starts in the 1940’s and runs through the Skiffle era and how American music was imported into the UK and started a wave of Mods and Rockers into the 50’s, and of course, the arrival of The Bestles.

If you’re a music lover, I can’t even stress enough how great it is. There’s dresses that have been worn by icons such as Dusty Springfield, notes written by David Bowie and just so much music memorabilia, you won’t quite believe it.

If you prefer more of an immersive experience, there’s a fully kitted out YAMAHA studio where you can teach yourself some new musical skills, or just have a mess around at pretending you’re a rockstar for a little while.

Snap Some Photos

You just can’t have a day out in Liverpool without snapping some photos in the stunning backdrops that the city has to offer. Even if you’re not interested in getting the perfect shot for instagram, there’s so many locations to get some great photos. After all, why do you think so many areas are liverpool are used within huge Hollywood films? It’s because they’re so much character and culture all throughout the city.

My favourite places to take photos are The Pier Head and The Georgian Quarter, both locations are just full of character and they’re two of my favourite places in the city, just to walk around and take in the beautiful scenery and architecture.

Visit The Tate Gallery

Although Liverpool is filled with heritage, there’s also so many opportunities to broaden your horizons with modern art, especially at The Tate. Located on the Royal Albert Dock, a world of wonderful and thought provoking art awaits you. Admission is free for the general public, so it’s great if you’re wanting to keep the cost of your day down to a minimum.

Food & Drinks at Rudy’s Pizza

A day in Liverpool is just not complete without a good meal and of course, an Aperol Spritz. There’s so many amazing places to eat and drinking in Liverpool. Usually we’d walk up to Bold Street or The Georgian Quarter for some food, however, since we were spending the majority of our day at the water front, we opted for one of our favourite pizza spots, Rudy’s on Castle Street.

Rudy’s Pizza is all freshly made, the staff are so insanely friendly and helpful and just the general atmosphere and ‘vibe’ is exactly what I look for when it comes to picking a place to dine and enjoy myself.

Royal Liver Building 360

Despite living in the city and constantly looking up and admiring the Liver Building, I’ve never really looked into the history of the building or been to the top of it So, to have the chance to learn more about one of liverpool’s most historic and iconic buildings and see even more stunning views of the city was a real treat to say the least.

The tour lasts just over an hour. You’re given a history of the iconic building and up in the lift you go to see the beautiful views of the city. You can see pretty much everything, from the Albert Docks, Birkenhead, Anfield & Goodison Park and even both cathedrals. It makes you realise just how much the city has to offer, from a bird’s eye view of course.

I hope you enjoyed discovering my hometown and what it has to offer with me, I really do love my city! How do you #LoveYourLivrepool? 

Stay groovy x 

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