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20 Things I’ve Learnt In 2020 & My New Outlook for 2021

20 Things I’ve Learnt In 2020 & My New Outlook for 2021

You’re probably seeing a lot of these sorts of posts floating around the blogosphere and social media this year, as it’s safe to say, that 2020 has been a true learning curve for us all. Whether you’ve learnt a lot about yourself, your relationships, picked up a new skill or hobby, or simply just realised you’re a really big fan of cheese, they’re all things that we’ve learnt and discovered it what will forever be remember as the year the world stood still. 

Part of me wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do a post like this to summarise 2020, despite doing it for the past however-many-years (maybe 7?) However, although my 2020 achievements may be small & to some, a little bit insignificant to some, to me, they’re probably some of the most crucial lessons I’ve ever learnt. 

20 Lessons Learnt

  1. Life’s too short to hold grudges. 
  2. Growing up is a state of mind 
  3. Appreciate the little moments & the excuses to make banana bread 3 times a week 
  4. You love/miss gigs and festivals more than you’d ever think you would have 
  5. Music can’t half solve a lot of problems 
  6. It’s okay to not be productive, stay in pyjamas and play animal crossing
  7. Appreciate what you’ve got. Your home, your friends & family and your job 
  8. You’re exactly where you need to be 
  9. There’s no rush to do anything in life, at your own pace is perfect timing 
  10. Creating content will keep you sane, despite thinking it’s never ‘good enough’ 
  11. Create even if you don’t think it’s good enough, at least you’re still creating! 
  12. Give what you take when it comes to any type of relationship & don’t put too much pressure on them, everyone has their own, private struggles / stuff going on. 
  13. Wear the colourful, crazy outfit. Even if you’re going to Tesco or on a walk around the park, it if feeds your soul, do it. 
  14. Unfollowing people on social media for your own mental health is perfectly fine. Don’t feel guilty about it, even if you know them. 
  15. Stop underestimating you’re worth. You ARE good at your job and you’ve worked hard, even throughout a god damn global pandemic 
  16. The time spent with your friends and family is so much more important that you’d ever imagine. Cherish the moments, even if you’re sat on the sofa doing nothing at all. When it’s taken away from you, you’ll miss it. 
  17. The UK is a shit show – Thanks Boris. 
  18. Your twenties are for discovering yourself & where you want to be in life, if people pressure you into a life you don’t want, that’s not your problem. Make mistakes, drink too much wine, don’t drink at all, the world is your oyster (even if the world is on full lockdown) 
  19. Dancing in the kitchen is true therapy 
  20. What’s for you, won’t pass you by. 

A Whole New Mindset

I feel as though every new year, we go into the zone of feeling the need that we HAVE to achieve things to have a validated year. However, 2020 has shown us all that, that’s really not the case. Sometimes simply surviving and making it through the year is the most important thing we can do and that’s an achievement in itself. It’s strange going into a new year and not really knowing what goals you can set or have any idea how the year itself is going to unfold, part of it is scary and part of it gives me deep, deep anxiety, but apart of me also enjoys the lack of pressure. 

In 2021 there’s a few things I’d like to achieve, but mostly, just things I want to get back to somewhat ‘normal’ (whatever this is, these days) but my perspective is switched to realise that life wasn’t all that bad before lockdown and all the pressure of being productive and living life like all the other people on instagram was honestly just completely fabricated from the need to impress absolutely nobody. The only person I need to impress in 2021 is myself, and if I achieve that, I’ll be happy. 

2020 certainly put a lot of things into perspective, especially the fact that I’m just too hard on myself due to fears of things that have happened in the past, but I’ve learnt that the universe really does have a plan for us, whether we see the sense in it or not, and yes, I am completely aware this sounds so ‘hippie dippie’ but it’s true. You get what you attract at the end of the day and if you’re constantly being hard on yourself and expecting the worst, than 9 times out of 10, that’s exactly what the universe will serve you. My boyfriend and I say this little quote to one another quite often and it’s ‘expect nothing, appreciate everything’ and although I do allow myself to true and somewhat ‘manifest’ positive outcomes to things, I’m always in the headspace of if something is meant to be than it will be, and then you can appreciate it. 




So, cheers to you all in 2021 and remember, stay groovy (or simply don’t because that’s okay too!) 

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  1. January 17, 2021 / 4:55 PM

    I can definitely relate to most of these things you have learnt from 2020! I’ve learnt to be appreciative of all I have, even if it’s just the smallest things! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. January 29, 2021 / 9:45 AM

    I loved reading this, especially your lessons learnt. I think it’s good practise to recognise growth and what’s important each passing year to realise how you’re growing and evolving as we get older! Ruth | ruthwrites.blog

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